Excavator accessories manufacturers: learn to this a few action, let you become old excavator driver

by:HMB     2021-01-16
Excavator at work often encounter all sorts of conditions, including steep slope is one of the most common, so how to make excavators quickly and securely, under various Angle of slope on? For beginners, less construction experience driver, must know in advance. Excavator accessories manufacturers take you know today. Note 1 when

climbing, observe the Angle of the slope and see whether it is within the scope of the performance of excavator, if the slope is too big, should be the upper half of the slope material to the lower half, to reduce the Angle of the slope. 2, remove larger Shi Toukuai. When climbing steep slope, a Shi Toukuai also can make track skid, excavators can't move forward. 3, try to reduce body weight when climbing, at the end of the forearm stretch, keep the bucket bottom and slope into 90 degrees, to prevent the excavator suddenly fall into the bottom. 4, sometimes encountered forearm lug excavator climbing, loosen the lower chance of falling, to deal with this kind of circumstance can adopt this method: put the bucket into the deep, as far as possible according to the strength to climb, when the forearm received head walk don't loosen to his idle, so the material under the crawler will follow tracked down, behind the crawler form a heap. Don't look down upon this little pile of material, can no longer hold excavator slipping, wait until the bucket can be left bottom and excavator does not decline, will slowly lower operation on the head, tied to the front, the deeper, the better.

downhill note 1, pay attention to remove stones, or by the time the excavator crawler skid particularly dangerous. 2, be sure to slow, don't turn on the slope sharp ( As well as a track not turn) , that would let drivers fill unilateral pedrail with stones, soil, and then want caterpillar turn all turn to, also can damage the excavator accessories. 3, regardless of the size of the slope must let drivers bucket first. On a very steep slope, control the speed of not only your feet, and your bucket. 4, wearing your seatbelt. Both driving and excavator driving, must fasten your seat belt, and protect their own safety. Ok, that's excavator accessories manufacturers summary excavator climbing the hill need to pay attention to a few places, for everybody reference.

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