Excavator accessories manufacturers: in the first quarter sales continue to improve throughout the year sales growth pattern

by:HMB     2021-01-18

linqing excavator accessories manufacturers, according to the data in March, a total of 38261 units, all kinds of mining machinery products seventy-eight percent year-on-year. 9. Excavator is expected to April monthly sales still can keep the fast growth, annual sales growth in more than twenty percent. At the same time, a quarterly performance engineering machinery enterprises is expected to bright eye.

in March, 36643 sets of the domestic market sales of excavators, seventy-eight percent year-on-year. 0. Excavator export sales of 1607 units, up one hundred percent year-on-year. 4.

excavator spare parts manufacturers from market segment, in March, a small dig sales of 22307 units, up sixty-six percent from a year earlier. 6; Dig in the sales of 9492 units, up one hundred percent from a year earlier. 6; Big dig sales of 4844 units, up ninety-six percent year-on-year. 1.

all kinds of mining machinery products have already been sold 60061 units in the first quarter, year-on-year increase of forty-eight percent. 4. Among them, the domestic market sales of 55913 units, forty-five percent year-on-year. 4. Export sales of 4131 units, up one hundred and five percent year-on-year. 1.

affected by base higher compared to the same period last year, in March year-on-year growth from 2017, the growth of high have certain gap, but from the point of sales value, number of excavator sales ranking history di 2 in the first quarter, second only to the same period in 2011 sales.

benefit from mining recovery, urbanization and new rural construction, as well as the huge stock of equipment update demand, excavator sales growth for over a year. Excavator accessories manufacturers, according to analysts at present, mainly used in real estate and large-scale infrastructure construction in the big dig dug and is mainly used in mining sales proportion enhances unceasingly, the boom of the current construction continued ascension, real estate and infrastructure, such as mining construction are guaranteed.

shandong excavator accessories manufacturers, said opening hours from the current tracking metrics, such as the downstream starts in good condition, good degrees at last. After a round of adjustment cycle, the downstream customer quality and strength has large improvement, industry high sentiment still has support.

excavator accessories experts predict, excavators in April monthly sales can still maintain rapid growth. The agency expects the excavator sales will reach about 170000 units in 2018, the year sales growth in more than twenty percent.

excavator attachments, according to the foreign brand excavators and some domestic engineering machinery products last year after prices, subsequent mainstream excavator manufacturers up probability is bigger, quantity and price excavator market is expected to appear so, leading enterprise profitability is expected to be further improved.

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