Excavator accessories manufacturers: hydraulic tubing function, maintain undeserved 'bad temper'!

by:HMB     2021-01-14

excavator parts of hydraulic tubing material is nitrile rubber more, the characteristics of the material after winter heating and summer reduces elasticity and aging. Plus some internal reasons, hydraulic tubing broken leak come as a surprise. Hydraulic tubing failure in reality will seriously affect the excavator's working efficiency, and even completely paralyzed! So what is the cause of the hydraulic tubing broken? How to deal with this kind of failure? Announced today excavator attachments small make up take you to the answer.

excavator accessories hydraulic tube rupture reason:

1, the use of fake and inferior products

the good and evil people mixed up excavator accessories market, the same to the price of the accessories, the quality is good and bad are intermingled, most dig friends it is hard to identify its authenticity, accidentally bought a regular packing of the inferior products, buried a hidden danger to the back of the normal operation.

counterfeit products generally in addition to low prices, its quality often cannot be guaranteed, because most & other; Background & throughout; Poor mix in private business, technology, products manufactured, using after failure. Some friends and dig in late high maintenance cost and time cost for bets, really is not worth the cost!

2, intrusion led to abnormal pressure

the hydraulic oil filter without change regularly, cause the intrusion into the hydraulic system. Along with the increase in impurities, hydraulic tubing pressure will be more and more big, when pressure exceeds the tolerance will cause fracture. Dig the friends need to do is watch excavator parts of main pump pressure value is normal, if there are any abnormal must adjust the distributing valve, the local oil pressure switch to the normal range, the hidden danger in the bud.

3, excavator hydraulic tubing fittings installed improper adjustment

hydraulic tubing improper installation will produce internal stress, accelerate the aging process, it is easy to tube; Not too long or too short the length of the tubing, connectors and tubing to keep in a horizontal position, avoid bent; Even far away from the heat source, if the temperature is too high can cause leaks!

4, do not pay attention to keeping the excavator accessories

hydraulic tubing long exposure to heat and cold environment, speed up the aging speed of rubber products of cold and hot alternation, eventually result in the crack of the aging; Found traces have ageing of the outer layers of the hydraulic tubing failed to timely replacement.

5, the use of improper operation

to dig the friends in the process of operating the linkage between the two actions is too long, make the hydraulic circuit temporary occlusion of excavator attachments broken hydraulic tubing pressure was too high; In long-term operating handles & other; Promotion & throughout; And & other The pressure drop & throughout; As a result of hydraulic system overload operation, location, tubing rupture.

6, maintain undeserved

in the maintenance, some dig friends & other; Anyone who make claims & throughout; To use cleaner such as gasoline, kerosene, did not think this will accelerate the ageing of the rubber products, excavator accessories manufacturers recommend that you don't let the noise of the tubing with corrosive chemicals.

hydraulic tubing broken solution:

to dig the friends met excavator parts don't be nervous after the bursting of the tubing, in order to reduced loss of hydraulic oil, the first thing to drop bucket, and then shut down engine to avoid a bigger loss, replace the suitable excavator attachments according to requirements of the brand; If the conditions are not allowed to, can be simple bundles or replaced the broken tubing in the lower part can be under pressure.

these are excavator accessories hydraulic tubing failure reasons of the small make up summary and processing method, dig the friends can be for reference. Suggest you choose normal manufacturer of accessories, thank you for your attention!

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