Excavator accessories manufacturers: excavator cannot be started to do, collect a rainy day

by:HMB     2021-01-21
General often met in the construction of teachers are most concerned about a problem is mechanical failure, in fact, some glitches can be ruled out of their own, some small emergency knowledge accumulation in advance, for a rainy day. Excavator accessories manufacturers to share today excavator drivers often encounter a problem, is excavator cannot be started to do.

cannot be started in two kinds of circumstances, it is a long-term cannot be started, the second is temporary cannot be started. If it is a long-term cannot be started, especially in the winter, your excavator may be into & other; Throughout the hospital &; , may be the valve leakage or piston ring gap is too big, compression caused by temperature is not enough, or for other reasons, anyhow need professional maintenance teacher to deal with. If it is temporarily unable to start, such as work, until suddenly can't start, or is it just stop start will not be able to start again, this kind of situation we can troubleshoot problems. First, check the power supply didn't pass, second, to see if any fuel or blockage.

screen reason to consider these aspects: 1, the start switch, no voice that no electric excavator accessories manufacturers suggest check whether the battery pile head is poor contact or burn out. For some models suggest that you first confirm whether hydraulic master switch lock, because there are many models, the hydraulic switch is not open, always cannot be started. 2, start switch, but speed is slow, the faint sound of the battery power is insufficient, excavator accessories manufacturers suggest check whether the generator belt is normal, it is best to measure output, if normal, usually, to contact a professional repairman. 3, start the motor rotation speed and the sound is normal, but don't start that oil didn't arrive, I suggest you clean diesel oil pipeline is blocked, two points are easily stuck, diesel oil pump and hand in at the bottom of the small screen. And may be in filter into the air, unscrew bleed screw, oil pump with the hand pump, air can be ruled out. 4, cold car easy to start, hot car, unlike the usual understanding, it is hard to start this happens is that the symptoms of morning or low temperature, easy to start, the machine after water temperature rise to a certain temperature, remove from heat to start again, cannot be launched, must wait until after cooling, can start again. If after a screening process, the engine starts, found no any action excavator, excluding hydraulic problems, in principle, there are two reasons behind this phenomenon.

the first is the engine and hydraulic pump connection rubber block of fracture, caused by the rotation of the spindle cannot be transmitted to the hydraulic pump engine, this kind of failure probability is low. Second, that's you out hydraulic main switch of the excavator's hydraulic master switch usually have two design, one is directly controlled hydraulic components, and control is a kind of electronic components, electronic components now in the majority control, but also more prone to failure and failure. Excavator accessories manufacturers, I wish everyone engineering work the smooth, but you can have a little trouble & other The mistresses & throughout; Be settled as soon as possible. Save for a rainy day, accumulated some troubleshooting skills at ordinary times, when solving big problems.

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