Excavator accessories manufacturers: as excavators, second-hand excavator market popular

by:HMB     2021-01-18
As countries to speed up infrastructure investment accelerated the excavator industry development, and combined with the excavator, second-hand excavator market is hot. Many friends choose to buy a second-hand excavator to meet the needs of the work, but also because of lack of experience, don't know how to choose the drivers, a mobile phone is too expensive, and used many refurbished machines, so how do we recognize? manufacturer small make up today to share with you about the secondary selection method of drivers, if appear the following questions, do not buy!

first, check the nacelle, judging by the abrasion of engine's use of the excavator, if worn engine, that drivers have the use of The Times and use fixed number of year is for a long time, sound insulation cotton also needs to check, whether or not and the degree of wear of engine matching.

the second paint, renovation of second-hand drivers should pay special attention to, observe whether the paint is the vehicle all the paint, mainly from the cockpit and valve local drivers to judge their true usage and fixed number of year, because some retrofit opportunities through renovation again after the paint and then to do old, through this kind of circumstance to confuse consumers. Excavator accessories manufacturer small make up remind you must be pay attention to when buy. Third, check whether drivers framework and arms have crack and whether to change the color of the paint, this is the place that is easy to be ignored, some drivers arm has been cracked, but in order to cover the damage, many bad businessman will in the split of excavator parts to brush paint to cover up, excavator attachments manufacturer to remind you that we need to pay attention to in particular.

4, check drivers circuit lines, control center can observe various operating line, by observing the operating line appearance whether have dust, wear, whether to have color is not consistent with the situation, condition is not the same as the conditions to determine the line used drivers of whether there is a change.

the choice of excavator cannot careless, especially in the choice of used phones. If they are not able to identify can choose to take an experienced drivers master choose together, it will be more on a few, choose drivers cooperative enterprises also should pay attention to, try to choose good reputation, has a certain scale of enterprise cooperation, this also is guaranteed. The small make up remind everybody, this company specialized production excavator parts, shaft, shaft sleeve, etc, after buying excavator, parts replacement or car accessories information, if any, can be more focus on site news and information.

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