Excavator accessories manufacturer: this four kinds of wrong operation, you of?

by:HMB     2021-01-18

when digging the friends error operating can lead to excavator attachments wear is aggravating, serious when can affect the service life of excavator. To form a good habit of operation is not only good for parts, also can improve the work efficiency. Below to see the wrong operation ways, to draw attention.

1, moving large objects need to be careful,

the end said a common wrong operation. It happens often, there are large rocks and other obstacles to clear, excavator driver for convenient directly use walking excavator traction to move large obstacles. As everybody knows, force is mutual, the effect of excavator parts such as pin, frame, digging bucket will produce a bigger force in the above, so as to affect the service life of these parts.

2, caterpillar stress non-uniform

this kind of operation is simple, is the drivers to located on high stretch bucket operations, sometimes the crawler float hung up in the back. In this case, the total pressure and body weight, almost all ACTS on the excavator attachments each pin the borders and scoop. Therefore, it is easy to cause crack working device. If lead to track down, will also have a larger impact at the rear of the counterweight drivers, is likely to cause deformation, the main frame damaged slewing bearing ring, and so on.

3, hydraulic excavator parts often operating to maximum travel

this wrong operation behavior, excavator parts of hydraulic oil cylinder expansion to the limit position. Work in this case, the oil cylinder and frame load is bigger, the impact of the dipper teeth, and the impact of the shaft pin of each cylinder internally caused damage, and thus affect the normal use of other hydraulic components.

4, excavator focus imbalance

in the earth's surface is rough, drivers placed nor steady condition, the driver will start work. This behavior may be the pilot felt nothing, but this work, will cause the drivers some parts gradually, such as a frame of distortion. If long time repeated operation under this condition, excavator parts of chassis parts is likely to produce cracks, reduce the service life. If you encounter this kind of situation, how to deal with? In working condition is not very good terrain structure, can be in front of the drivers of the crawler pile up a hill, so that the excavator is in steady state, so we can proceed to the normal operation.

the above you have the above operation, then correct it at once, & other; It's not too late & throughout; 。 If not, the excavator parts small make up congratulations, you can be called old driver.

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