Excavator accessories manufacturer remind: flood control, the excavator maintenance note these!

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Since the beginning of this summer, our country more waterlogging disaster affects the heart, in the flood control task without excavator, excavator accessories manufacturer small make up in the near future through the network to see a video of excavator was washed away by the flood, worrying! Small make up today to summarize some of the excavator in some parts of the need to pay attention to in the flood control operation. Drivers should pay attention to flood control operation 1, excavator when stop every day must shut down equipment master switch; 2, don't blindly start after the flooded, for professional maintenance personnel processing. 3, if careless operation into the waters, to avoid the engine after water absorption were forced to stop, please as soon as possible before the water reaches the fan blade to stop operation; 4, if it is a flood tide, the rainy season, and the tractor driver has a certain amount of professional technology and experience, operational drainage and repair as soon as possible, thus shortening the time of water, reduce maintenance difficulty; 5, if time and professional technology allows for a machine with computer control, to strive for the time will be the positive disconnect the power cord, prevent flooded when the short circuit and cause damage; 6, inlet and exhaust pipes of engine can be directly into the water, to be blocked, in case of a lot of mud or silt into the engine; 7, to the hydraulic cylinder piston rod back as far as possible, in case of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod is damaged. Drivers parked note excavator attachments manufacturer to remind, the position of the stop as soon as possible to choose which had sound foundations, higher ground, flat safe location. 1, prevent landslides, unstable foundation under the impact of the water where a landslide caused by equipment tilting; In the process of excavator parked, basic will not be far away from the slope of landslides. 2, prevent landslides, drivers park must avoid the valley such an environment. Once the storm hit, this kind of the most prone to debris flow. Even the limited conditions, we also want to compare excavator parked in solid under the original landform slope. 3, prevention of flood, flood accident losses are on a par with excavator price almost, you need to mention extremely attention. Flooding accidents usually happened in the place such as foundation pit, river, if is that kind of environment construction, then parked in excavator, must stop at the upstream, the high places. 4, prevent drivers smashed, the machine don't stop at the around rock tumble or easy to appear landslide slope edge, avoid drivers smashed. After equipment under water? Must not boot device after water flooding, also can't open the master switch valve, so as not to cause a greater loss! Determine the rescue plan, then according to the steps to carry out drainage and use of crane and other equipment to drivers out of danger zone as soon as possible.

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