Excavator accessories maintenance primer

by:HMB     2021-01-19

choose suitable excavator parts and spend time on maintenance will not only prolong the service life of equipment, but also can save money & ndash; — Not to mention the headaches and troubles in the long-term replacement parts and downtime. Time is money, and for the busy today excavator, lost time is losing money. In the current economic situation, the operator is considering raising efficiency and productivity, which means that when the excavator fleet management, often should conduct regular maintenance, it is more important than ever before.

in addition, because of high transport costs, no one is willing to the equipment to the repair shop for expensive maintenance, so as to incur additional costs, keep the machines in the work place of production efficiency.

1。 Is the first attention excavator attachments oil and filter changes. This to keep the engine, motor, hydraulic system and the normal function of the air filter is very important. After the initial oil and filter changes, is also important to keep up with the other routine maintenance.

2。 Check excavator attachments of engine and hydraulic oil level. Check the engine and hydraulic oil level should be daily priorities. With these two simple check to start a day's work, can save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

3。 Check the water and fuel separator. Check whether there is water in the fuel is a simple but vital daily check.

4。 Lubrication excavator parts pivot point, derrick, bucket and bucket fulcrum, as well as the control center bearing area, shall maintain figure indicating lubrication, in order to reduce wear and tear. During the excavation in the water, need special attention to these points. Operating excavators in the water, in the before and after each use to a large amount of grease.

5。 Tracking adjustment. If the excavator extensive use, often track tension should be inspected periodically. Too loose track can lead to poor operation, and cause to track, where rail will fell off the idling and excavator parts driven sprocket. Tracks that are too tight will lead to premature wear and tear. Two cases will lead to time and expensive maintenance.

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