Excavator accessories maintenance personnel erosion?

by:HMB     2021-01-13

excavator parts small make up have long argued that in the process of a service enterprise change or transformation, talented person's change is central to the success of the transformation of the enterprise and one of the key elements. Because the real maintenance personnel, mastered the repair technology of low cost, highly efficient, which can realize fixed at a lower cost people cannot repair equipment. But small make up in visiting engineering machinery repair business, often heard friends complain, good maintenance personnel do not leave now, including agents and social repair shop repair factory maintenance personnel fluidity big, frequent job-hopping. Unstable to maintenance personnel enterprise's continuing operations and profitability and so on all had a great negative impact. How to retain talent, becomes the key to maintenance enterprise future development.

to learn more about a line of information, excavator parts before and after the small make up visited the country hundreds of excavators, loaders and bulldozers and other construction machinery maintenance enterprises, and for many companies, head of maintenance technicians to do the interview in detail. Overall speaking, the factors influencing the maintenance technician whether mainly includes the following three aspects.

the reasonable treatment is the premise to

at present, most of the maintenance staff wages constitute the basic wage and partners, and some maintenance enterprises will also have the excavator attachments accessories. Generally speaking, the same area, as long as the treatment difference between enterprises is not too big, maintenance personnel not only for treatment of departure. Therefore, reasonable treatment and not malicious default salary is essential for retaining maintenance personnel first.

career planning is indispensable

to maintenance personnel career development plans. Interview process, the excavator accessories maintenance personnel universal reaction lack of sense of belonging, this is because most of the current maintenance enterprises ignore the positioning of maintenance technicians, learning opportunities, position rising channel and the management of the recognition and specifications. Make career development plans, make maintenance technicians see development prospects and development space, experience to the work itself and value, is the essential condition of maintenance enterprises keep talents.

personality respect most policy

& other; A team and what happened after repair good equipment problems, the agent boss or company executives on the premise of no investigation and ask began to find the responsibility of the maintenance staff even swear to draw a conclusion. ”

' Led to the first-line maintenance inspection found the problem, if the factory director is not present, directly to the blame to maintenance personnel and criticism. ”

at present, similar to those in excavator accessories maintenance enterprises without according to condemn and the responsibility to maintenance technicians are not uncommon. One is due to many enterprises such as the agent, the boss, and marketing is the deep understanding of the lack of maintenance knowledge, the second is a lot of problems belong to overlay, maintenance technicians with practical difficulties or reason. But due to the misunderstanding caused by business leaders do not fully understand or injury, for maintenance personnel to feel respect, equality and jump or departure was inevitable result.

in fact, the company's concern and respect the maintenance personnel work not surface, should earnestly put the excavator accessories maintenance personnel's interests first, care and attention to their needs, to communicate with the problems of not arbitrarily blame on people, let the maintenance staff feel he is respected, the need and the care. In this way, the maintenance personnel in the process of work will be committed to the company, even occasionally injustice will communicate with the company by means of reasonable solution, will not easily leave.

maintenance enterprises, retention problem of choose and employ persons is the common problem. In fact, most of the maintenance staff involvement does not fear endures hardship, not afraid of the responsibility, what they value most is the future of the work, the working strength, comfort degree of life. Therefore, as long as you can in the protection of benefits, career planning, time guarantee personality respect these three aspects, enterprise keep maintenance personnel shall by no means is difficult.

after the market is the focus of attention for many years, 70% of maintenance quality depends on parts is excavator parts small make up always adhere to the point of view. About the topic of after market accessories, in a future article will have special paper, stay tuned. ( Feng Gang & ndash; — Home of machinist founding partner, after the construction machinery market, a senior consultant, in the domestic machine manufacturers engaged in after years of market management and market system construction work, for the domestic market after several companies do a training and consulting projects, etc. The first engineering machinery network)

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