Excavator accessories maintenance knowledge: excavator, liquid filling oil must pay attention!

by:HMB     2021-01-19
As the saying goes, want the horse to run, have to let it eat grass. For excavator, too, want to let the excavator parts keep a good state, necessary for daily maintenance, maintenance after that will have to give you and other The horse & throughout; Add some grass. We also know that is the oil!

excavator: there are four liquid diesel oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, cooling water, they provide fuel for excavators, hydraulic power, lubrication and cooling, to protect the normal operation of the various excavator accessories. Four large liquid, such as the lack of or did not change in time, can cause the influence of different degree of excavator attachments. Details are as follows:

excavator hydraulic oil of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system plays an energy transmission, lubrication, anti-rust, cooling effect, such as hydraulic oil will not cause the air there is inside the hydraulic pipe system, causes the excavator digging force is not enough, easy to cause the excavator parts wear and tear, damage excavator. Change time: long-lasting hydraulic oil once every 5000 hours change, such as a broken hammer should be replaced every 1000 hours at a time.

excavator oil shortage of oil, the oil in the engine lubricating antifriction, cooling, cleaning and antirust effect such as, if the oil is insufficient, can lead to engine parts more bad lubrication, such as main shaft and bearing wear, piston wear between ablation, turbocharger bearing damage, such as fault, excavator attachments small make up recommend daily check the oil level. Change the time: once every 500 hours.

excavator diesel to the excavators that overloading and long-term work of engineering machinery, it is necessary to use diesel engine. Because of low cost of diesel engine, fuel, power, torque at low speed, good adaptability to the torque.

excavator coolant: lack of coolant cooling fluid is to prevent freeze and burst inside the cylinder body or tank radiator and freezing engine cylinder block and cylinder head, when temperature is higher, can effectively prevent boiling, avoid even the appearance of boiled. If cooling is not enough, easy to cause the engine temperature, damage the excavator spare parts. Time to change: change once every two years ( PS: pay attention to the position of antifreeze) at ordinary times

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