Excavator accessories maintenance knowledge

by:HMB     2021-01-17

excavator attachments below to organize the related parts of the mining machinery maintenance instructions.

a. Orbit maintain proper tension

1. If excessive tension, guide wheel spring tension on the track pins and pins, outer and inner ring excavator accessories needle casing under high compressive stress, cause premature wear operation, at the same time guide wheel tensioning spring elasticity is also used to guide shaft and sleeve, cause a large surface contact stress, which makes the guide bushing easily into a semicircle, the circuit is easy to extend, and will reduce the excavator accessories mechanical transmission efficiency, waste engine driving wheel and track ability.

2。 If the excavator crawler is too loose accessories, guide rail easily from the idler pulley and return roller, track the correct alignment, fluctuations in orbit, flaps and impact, leads to guide roller and idler is not normal wear and tear.

3。 Track tension adjustment is through the use of butter filling nozzle or release from a fuel injector butter standards of every model to adjust the clearance. Track tension when want to demolish a track section, excavator parts drive tooth surface meshing surface of the pin set will be abnormal wear and tear, this time should be proper maintenance before meshing conditions deteriorate.

2. Keep the wheel position

steering wheel dislocation have serious effects on the rest of the traveling mechanism, thus excavator parts clearance between roller and track ( Correct) Is the key to extend the life of the walking mechanism. Adjust the gasket between the guide plate and bearings, if the gap is big, remove the washer, small gap and increase the washer. Standard gap is 0. 5, the biggest gap is 3. 0 mm。

3. At the right time to turn the track needles and pins

in excavator parts caterpillar pin and set of wear in the process of gradually stretched, lead to the driving wheel and pin sleeve meshing, abnormal damage pin sets and drive tooth surface wear, shorten the life of the walking mechanism. When still hasn't recovered by adjusting the tension, the needle must be turned over to get the right track. In the scenario, there are two kinds of time to determine the trajectory pins and pin the trigger; One way is to determine the length of the track, extend the 3 mm; Another way is to check the time of the sleeve diameter 3 mm.

4. Bolt and nut to tighten the

when walks the organization is loose, easily broken or missing, cause a series of failures. Daily maintenance should check the following bolt: support wheel and idling installation bolt, drive gear block installation bolt, crawler plate bolts installation, return roller plate installation bolt, brace head bolt installation. Main bolt tightening torque is refers to the various types of specifications.

5. Timely lubrication

excavator parts running gear lubrication is very important, many heavy wheel bearing are & other; High temperature scrap & throughout; . Therefore, at ordinary times should pay attention to check, and according to the lubrication cycle each part of the add, change regularly.

6. Check excavator accessories

walk institutions of cracks should be timely inspection, repair and reinforcement.

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