Excavator accessories hydraulic tubing leak? Come and look at!

by:HMB     2021-01-20

as load-bearing parts of hydraulic system, hydraulic pipe is an important part of excavator parts. Bad working condition of excavator hydraulic pipe tapping often appear the phenomenon of oil leakage, small make up thought for several reasons.

a, the working principle of

informally, excavator attachments broken hammer hydraulic oil pump at work to frequent impact for digging bucket and broken hammer drill to provide enough power for production work, and so on the impact of the hydraulic system is very large.

second, the oil leakage reasons:

1, excavator parts of sealing ring and oil seal in the working time and environment under the influence of aging or damaged in oil leakage phenomenon, is necessary to change new, or on the job or task to repair when in trouble, don't use parts with hidden problems, because the temperature of hydraulic oil in the work will be very hot, it is easy to cause the hydraulic pipe outlet burst, not worth!

2, due to the strong vibration hammer in production work, excavator parts of hydraulic pipe fittings material if it's not up to standard, connecting the seal will be seismic lines, and lead to the oil, then have to imprison, because the seal is damaged.

3, strong vibration and impact of the hydraulic oil will cause the excavator hydraulic pipe fittings joint looseness in thread lead to oil leakage, so line of elastic joint should be inspected regularly, bulletproof.

three, solution

excavator attachments oil spill and the phenomena of machinist peacetime operation is closely related, therefore want to avoid the occurrence of oil leakage, machinist in daily operation should strictly abide by the operation process and when excavator parts and to conduct routine maintenance work.

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