Excavator accessories hydraulic filter - You don't know the eight secret!

by:HMB     2021-01-20

hydraulic filter as important part of the hydraulic system, as a duty to be reckoned with. A lot of people do not pay attention to using method, excavator parts small make up today is to collect the hydraulic oil filter must pay attention to the problems in the daily use.

( 1) Don't let the tank oil direct contact with air, the old and new oil do not mix, to extend the service life of excavator accessories filter or helpful.

( 2) Note system tank and pipeline is rinsed clean, when refueling refueling device through the belt filter.

( 3) Do the oil testing regularly, hydraulic filter is inherently belongs to consumable, blocked at ordinary times is need to be replaced immediately.

( 4) After a pay attention to the main pump to discharge the air, or light of whole vehicle temporarily no action, the main pump sound ( Air sonic) Pockets, or damage to the excavator parts of hydraulic oil pump. Air discharge method is directly on top of the main pump to loosen the pipe joint and them fill up.

( 5) The oil is necessary before mount the hydraulic oil filter ( Oil suction filter) , the excavator accessories hydraulic oil filter cover the nozzle directly leads to the main pump, into the light impurity to accelerate the main pump wear and tear, or a pump.

( 6) Distinguish the hydraulic oil label, different grade and different brands of hydraulic oil do not mix, can develop the hydraulic oil filter response metamorphic floc.

( 7) Replacing the hydraulic oil must replace all at the same time the hydraulic oil filter ( Oil filter, oil suction filter, pilot filter) , otherwise is equivalent to no change.

( 8) Replace the hydraulic oil filter before you put off the original hydraulic oil in the cabinet, check excavator attachments return oil filter, oil suction filter and pilot filter three hydraulic oil filter, look to whether with scrap iron copper scrap or other impurities, so there may be hydraulic oil filter in the hydraulic components failure, troubleshooting, cleaning system.

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