Excavator accessories: high temperature, excavator 'boiled', do not do so

by:HMB     2021-01-16
Excavator is mostly in the outdoor work, high temperature hit in recent days, getting closer and closer to summer. For excavator teacher is also a big test on the body. Under the environment of high temperature operation excavator often faces will be a kind of phenomenon is & other; Boiled & throughout; . Encounter this kind of phenomenon do not blind processing, excavator parts summarize some error handling. Remind you don't do this! For & other; Boiled & throughout; You master excavators should be more understanding, because the temperature is too high in summer, excavators, loaders and other construction machinery for a long time in the outdoor temperature state, engine temperature rises faster, it always leads to engine under the condition of ambient temperature is too high & other; Boiled & throughout; Failure, resulting in decreased motor oil viscosity, such as cylinder, tile burning failure.

this is for all of the engine & other; Boiled & throughout; After the four big error handling, hope to help everyone daily maintenance machinery. Wrong way, A) Immediately: unscrew the tank cover water met the & other; Boiled & throughout; Failure, some people will immediately unscrew the tank cover and water, which is one of the mistake. Because after the water boiling of the water in the radiator, the circulatory system can produce a lot of water vapor, the pressure inside the water radiator is very high, if immediately unscrew the tank cover, will cause the boiling water, water vapor is spray outward, it is easy to burn the people around you, so you have to be careful!

wrong way ( 2) : immediately parked most teachers think engine & other; Boiled & throughout; , parked right now don't have to! This approach is not appropriate, because the high temperature in cylinder, piston, cylinder liner, etc. Parts are in a state of inflation, if immediately shut down, stop after cooling will cause some soft metal fall off, and even make the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner bonding together. The right thing to do is to let the engine idle speed running, open the shutters increasing the flow of air and water temperature in cooling fan under the action of a little bit down.

wrong way ( 3) : directly to the water in the radiator refill water don't let the immediately rush cool baths, then directly to the water in the radiator refill cold water! Bear in mind that this is absolutely not. Because after the water jacket in cooling water in engine parts will produce a large amount of steam, pressure rise abruptly, hot steam from water radiator water mouth, and then burn the face, disfigured then it is very bad for you!

wrong way ( 4) : immediately give engine blunt cool baths now that is caused by high temperature failure, it immediately to the engine at a cool baths with respect to OK? It is also no good. When the engine & other; Boiled & throughout; Later, the body temperature is high, this time suddenly hit the stimulation of cold water, can make the engine deformation due to the body's temperature changing too fast, cylinder block, cylinder head and other parts may occur even quenching contraction crack, consequence is very serious! remind everyone to remember not to do so. In a word, when the engine & other; Boiled & throughout; Don't blindly to do remember not to do, to avoid causing other malfunction, and excavator attachments damaged.

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