Excavator accessories factory tutor you how to correct an oil change? These points to remember!

by:HMB     2021-01-18
We all know that the oil lubrication, cooling, cleaning and antirust effect, the correct use of the engine oil is part of an excavator spare parts and maintenance necessary. Whether selecting oil, and in the process of filling the oil, there are many points needing attention. That what on earth to give drivers an oil change should pay attention to what?

1。 Remember to change the oil regularly

oil equivalent to the blood of engineering machinery, each product needs regular replacement of maintenance. Oil as excavator accessories for normal operation of the engine lubricant is not exceptional also, of course, the oil use time is too long oil viscosity, poor lubrication cooling the engine temperature is too high, excavator parts cylinder piston of high temperature deformation. And in order to remove impurities from the engine oil, oil filter to change regularly.

2。 Don't use inferior oil

at the time of the choice of buying oil, don't covet petty gain, buy inferior oil, because the quality of the product is good or bad, directly affect the service life of excavator parts, inferior oil make poor lubrication of the turbocharger, excessive wear, inlet result is bad. Suggest you had better choose original or replace pure original accessories.

3。 Different grade engine oil can't mix

excavator accessories manufacturers friendship prompt: different kinds of oil were added during the production of chemical or physical effect of different additives, different additives mixed together may cause chemical reactions, in addition, need not the oil level of the same manufacturer also cannot mix, not covet petty gain.

4。 Oil does not want to add the more the better

there are many misconceptions in oil change, oil is not the more the better, add more oil can cause a lot of harm, the first oil too much oil can reduce the engine power output, also increase a certain fuel consumption; Next, add the oil too much and may damage the excavator accessories such as oil seal, engine oil.

5。 Repeated small amounts of oil best

how much oil is right? How to refill the oil? In excavator attachments on the engine oil usually have feet, as far as possible when filling the oil to a few times, after about a minute observation oil feet, several times is the purpose of filling to prevent the filling oil too much.

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