Excavator accessories dashboard look not to understand? Small make up can save a lot of difficult for you!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

about the most important excavator attachments, most of the digging friends will think of motor, motor, hydraulic pump and so on, small make up to tell everybody, excavator accessories dashboard display unit is important, it can be intuitive response excavator working condition. Small make up to komatsu 200 - 7 as an example for everyone to do a share.

komatsu PC200 - 7 the dashboard

komatsu PC200 - 7 excavator accessories dashboard view engine speed, pressure and monitoring display content: press and hold the button, once again, in 123 into the menu, and select 01, after press confirm button to enter to monitor display, enter choose after 010, according to engine speed pump pressure shows that before 011, 012 after the pump pressure, according to the PC - 013 EPC solenoid valve, according to the current ls - 015 EPC solenoid valve current display.

komatsu PC200 - 8 the dashboard

komatsu PC200 - 8 excavator instrument to check the work hours, engine speed, pressure and monitoring display content: at the same time hold down the excavator attachments alarm buzzer cancel switch and automatic speed down switch, at this time will show timing for work hours. Press F4 after boot switch can choose working hours meter and clock function.

hold the alarm buzzer to cancel the switch, and in 123 to enter the service menu, select 01 monitoring, press F6 to confirm to enter, enter choose after 01002 is the engine speed, pump pressure shows that before 01100, 01101 after the pump pressure, according to former PC - 01300 EPC excavator parts solenoid valve, according to the current PC - 01302 EPC solenoid valve current display ls - 01500 EPC solenoid valve current display.

komatsu excavator attachments - 200 8 and can choose the language function: press F6 to enter after the boot menu screen ( F5 is to return to normal screen) , choose the fifth language selection (down 语言) After entering, choose Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Mexican, Russian, German, etc. , choose do you understand the language of the press F6 after confirmation.

dashboard also is not everything, it only can be used as a reference, so be sure to pay attention to check the working state of the instrument panel is normal! As a novice, should first master data is read excavator accessories dashboard, moment understand excavator operation. Wipe out glitches in the bud.

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