Excavator abnormal water thermometer, excavator parts to teach you

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Recently the temperature 40 degrees steep, harsh environment for normal operation of the machinery, brings a big challenge, failure is often happened, excavator parts small make up today about the common failure analysis of water thermometer for you.

excavator failure reasons of water thermometer and processing: water thermometer is common faults: switch on the ignition switch, table pointer always refers to the water temperature above 100 ℃, the temperature changes when the pointer does not move. Switch on the ignition switch, water temperature table pointer to 40 ℃, the engine temperature, but not anlaogue display. The cause of the problem is: the power cord circuit; Header electric heating coil break; Water temperature sensor, electric heating coil wire break loose screw bolt, wiring, header, internal short circuit, water temperature sensor failure; Watertemperature table, water temperature table to sensor somewhere by iron wire.

elimination method is to check ammeter ( Breaker contact must be closed) , if the ammeter indication of 0. That battery to ignition switch power supply terminal a public circuit breaker; Discharge approximately 5 a, if the ammeter display indicates the public electric circuit, the ignition switch Ⅱ terminal to the water table and sensors that a circuit breaker. Can use the fire water thermometer into the terminal by iron fire test. Terminal with screwdriver central close to water thermometer into the fire, make screw blade row touch machine metal parts, without sparks, said the ignition switch to the water thermometer for a wire break off. Take iron to try, if there are sparks appear when fire with a screwdriver to make water temperature sensor terminal iron, if the water temperature table pointer position quickly turn to 40 ℃, prove excavator parts damage of water temperature sensor.

40 ℃ water temperature table pointer always refers to the failure of the elimination method is that the ignition switch, the location of the water temperature table pointer by 100 ℃ or more quickly turning to 40 ℃. After the engine temperature, water temperature table pointer still in 40 ℃, said water thermometer to water temperature sensor is a circuit is faulty. Can remove the water temperature sensor wiring circuit experiment was carried out. If the return water temperature table pointer position above 100 ℃, prove that the water temperature sensor internal iron. Well, for excavator water thermometer abnormal causes and treatment methods, excavator attachments will share here, master heat work once again reminded of the heat.

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