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by:HMB     2021-01-23
Safety is the most important, we always emphasize on this topic, but some people just think, what have I done so drivers, without anything, it is not the same from early to late? To him, this is definitely not gotten hurt, but you can't relax vigilance, technology more good people more worried about their safety, only the safety, we can feel good in this world, we sell carter machine accessories carter excavators accessories store! Drivers also have a blind spot, some people always ignore it, it is often easily have an accident. Cab drivers is on the left, middle passive arm blocking the line of sight, so the right there is a big piece of eye shadow, particularly on the right side of the rear can't see, actually a lot of drivers accidents are due to the tail on the right side when rotating lead to an accident, so the not very wide field work, the machinist are more should be more careful to leave more space on the right side. There is a mirror, but really the rear-view mirror is particularly important, it is a very fragile thing on drivers, often easy to broken, many drivers feel touched touch, anyway, is not important, no new timely replacement. Rearview mirror really is very important, out of the accident is usually too careless to cause, so we don't look down upon any one of the parts, would like to buy components for drivers, to our carter excavators accessories store, there are models imported accessories, carter original pieces.
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