Engineering machinery maintenance, hydraulic system maintenance of necessary skills

by:HMB     2021-01-28
About engineering machinery maintenance, we already have roughly understanding. So small make up take a talk today for the details of hydraulic system maintenance method. Said to the hydraulic system surely everyone not unfamiliar, it is one of the important part of machine. Hydraulic system is composed of hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic medium, its both, so, we take a look at the specific maintenance steps. 1, regular replacement of hydraulic oil, when mechanical use after a certain time, the oil will produce certain impurities deposition, if not to clean up the replacement in time, will cause the adverse reaction of the hydraulic system, 2, to filter to clean up in time, ensure the cleanliness, in case in the process of long-term operation, the system jams impurity accumulation; 3, in the hydraulic oil cylinder before use, should carry out full scale operation 5 times. Its purpose is to discharge air in the cylinder, and heat preheating on each component in the system. In order to avoid when working in normal operation the internal air blast damage; 4, inspection on each bolt fastening degree of parts, if found loose phenomenon should immediately to correct; 5, inside the cylinder seals to clean up in time, due to long-term use, the seal will be deposited impurities and sediment pollution. If not in time to clean up, it will cause the seal wear, if the impurity particles flow into the cylinder internal, will cause the oil cylinder will not scratch, serious will cause the damage to normal use; 6, strengthen the lubrication degree, prevent bad wear between various parts. Hydraulic system can effectively control the oil temperature of mechanical system, to ensure the operation stability, adjust the mechanical internal pressure. Although nowadays many engineering machine mostly adopts hydraulic drive system, but its hydraulic system there still exists certain lack of self-control, slightly do not pay attention to maintenance, the oil leakage is still difficult to avoid, therefore, choose the right hydraulic oil, reasonable maintenance of hydraulic system, as a qualified operator should pay attention to the matter. Only guarantee the stability of mechanical hydraulic system, to the maximum extent to ensure the normal operation of the machine, for engineering construction play a better role in promoting this.
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