Engine valve cover oil leakage effect big

by:HMB     2021-01-24
As people life level continuously improve, car travel is critical of people's travel tools, often use, will have various kinds of questions, today small make up to introduce the engine valve chamber cover oil leakage effect big? This problem, the friends are interested come and science with small make up. Engine valve cover will affect the engine lubrication oil, serious under the high temperature weather may cause vehicle fire. So, if the engine valve cover oil leakage problems, should be timely inspection on its maintenance. Engine valve cover oil leakage reasons: 1, the screw assembly screws uneven if uneven, the pressure will be different. When the pressure is too large will cause the engine valve chamber deformation caused by oil leakage, this kind of situation will to repair the valve chamber. ( Auto maintenance technology http://www. qcwXjs。 com/) 2, valve cover gasket aging when car purchase year is too long or too long in a moving, valve cover gasket aging is a normal phenomenon, this kind of situation need to replace the valve cover gasket and seal. About engine valve cover note: engine valve cover main seal effect, to prevent oil spills. Vehicles per 20000 km, dealing with the inspection, such as have wear to timely replacement.
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