Engine repair guide - Shandong excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator engine & other; Heart & throughout; , it plays an important role to ensure that the excavator working properly. When the engine problems, the machine will stop working, and so the type of engine failure and the solution is to study the problem of excavator parts manufacturer.

1。 engine lack of strength, make noise and exhaust pipe to produce black smoke, is caused by the ignition too late and didn't have enough pressure, air inflation makes noise, unburned air can also lead to black smoke. Found that these problems should be send immediately.

2。 Engine fuel consumption is too much, we should consider the fuel could leak into the combustion chamber. Engine high pressure oil or excavator attachments between excessive damage has become the main cause of the oil into the combustion chamber.

3。 If excavator parts engine noise is bigger, the body vibration is very big, we should check engine protection plate. Damage protection board distorts, this will increase between the protective plate wear and fuel oil sump, step on the gas will produce a great noise. Solution is to dismantle the fender, returned to normal.

4。 When the excavator engine temperature of 100 ℃, cooling agent should be added. Coolant leakage causes excavator parts falls off the thermostatic valve, fan drive belt fracture and damage of cylinder head gasket and so on. So we should increase the ventilation and cooling engine, keep the engine temperature does not exceed 95 ℃.

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