Engine piston parts wear and tear is how to return a responsibility?

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Piston ring groove wear reason: the main reason is a mixture of high pressure make the piston ring upon ring groove of unit pressure, at the same time as the piston do high-speed reciprocating motion, make the piston ring is a big shock for ring groove; Due to the effect of high temperature of the mixture, the piston head working temperature on the high side, and the closer the piston at the top of the temperature and the higher the gas pressure. So the first ring groove wear the most serious, the following ring groove wear gradually reduce. Ring groove wear are mainly under the plane, and on the surface abrasion is less, makes the ring groove wear into the small big trapezoidal, make the side of the piston ring gap increases, darting gas and oil cylinder phenomenon. Wear causes of piston pin hole: due to the effect of gas pressure and inertia, the piston pin hole forming oval wear, its biggest worn parts is a hole in the up and down direction, the matching of the piston and the pin pine kuang, appear abnormal noise. Piston skirt worn reasons: the wear of piston skirt, usually occur in the side of the lateral force under wear and scratches, when the piston skirt and the cylinder wall clearance is too large, the engine work easy appear knocking, and severe oil phenomenon, should check the cylindricity and roundness error at this time. Scratch: piston and cylinder wall gap is too small, not enough oil film; Cylinder surface is not clean, there are more and larger mechanical impurities, cause the piston scratch; Roundness error is not in conformity with the technical requirements of the piston skirt, even the ellipse, the piston pin and a hole with tight; Hernia of piston pin circlip ring groove cylinder wall and piston scrape. Piston at the top of the burnt reasons: due to the time of launch a pilot work under overload conditions and under the condition of explosion caused by a long time to work. Engine into the water, the engine combustion chamber temperature is very high at work, the piston temperature is very high, the engine intake, piston violently when it meets cold contraction leads to cracks. Aging of the engine, the piston thermal load, particularly large cooling condition is not good, long aging can lead to cracks have appeared. Other serious mechanical failure such as valve piston, etc.
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