Engine cylinder terrible consequences excavator parts will teach you how to prevent!

by:HMB     2021-01-14

engine cylinder is serious fault, the fault is our friend to dig the most reluctant to see. Because a large number of excavator parts light person need to change, serious engine directly discarded!

what is the engine cylinder? Small make up for your science from shandong excavator parts: engine cylinder is refers to the engine cylinder wall be drawn into a very deep grooves, piston, piston ring and cylinder wall when the friction loss between the sealing, cause the cylinder compression pressure to reduce loss of power.

light engine cylinder, excavator parts, cylinder liner, piston component damage serious when can cause malignant machine such as cylinder damage accident. How to avoid the happening of engine cylinder fault?

engine cylinder fault causes and phenomenon

engine piston ring jammed or rupture, deformation of piston pin fall off is the main cause of the engine cylinder.

abnormal engine noise, low oil pressure, oil oil way blocked, causes the engine exhaust under serious, excavator parts pressure inside the crankcase, serious can cause the engine crankcase explosion.

in the cylinders in the engine oil, cause burning oil, blue smoke coming exhaust pipe is serious, and the engine has been in operation under the condition of high temperature, excavator parts of inlet filter too dirty, air intake hose leakage, etc. Also can cause the engine cylinder.

excavator attachments put forward the method of engine cylinder:

a, choice of reasonable oil

the climate of the northern and southern also makes the engine oil change is different, the summer can choose 15 w - north and south region 40. In the cold winter, the northeast and northwest 10 w - is available 30 oil, of course, specific according to local actual temperature to choose appropriate oil ( At ordinary times must pay attention to change the time 250 hours or 500 hours at a time) 。

if the oil change not in time, make the oil viscosity drops, can't reach normal engine lubrication effect, finally over time can range from mild scuffing, stick to the serious cylinder cylinder, the engine even scrapped.

2, to regular petrol

engine fuel must to normal gas station ( If other reasons, cannot add regular channel fuel often will need to change the fuel filter) Such as oil, fuel filter, oil filter, must choose original, because only the original quality of excavator parts can ensure the engine is in healthy condition, after all, for his own & other; Heart & throughout; A little bit better, or at any time will strike for engine shock.

3, keep the radiator clean

pay more attention to the radiator clean at ordinary times, observe the engine water temperature in the 70 - About 95 degree, avoid overheating launched pilot time to work.

if the overheated water temperature for a long time, will cause the loss of engine oil viscosity, the engine lubrication, scuffing failure.

4 and replace the air filter on schedule

check the service life of replacement of excavator parts, such as air filter, prevent dust suction cylinder, causing engine early wear. If the environment is poor, dust larger construction site, the best timing clean air filter or replacement.

check air intake hose connection location presence of leakage or breakage. Stale air into the engine cylinder, will directly result in excavator parts wear and tear, piston ring and cylinder arm after a long time will be a drop in motivation, cylinder, etc.

5, avoid violence

avoid every morning for the first time with the big car after work load, especially in the cold winter. For the first time in the morning after the car, engine oil and hydraulic oil in low temperature condition, should make the engine running at a moderate speed, soft operation, avoid reducing pressure relief. Work about 30 minutes, after the temperature of the engine and hydraulic oil temperature rise, then for normal operation, this is helpful to extend the service life of engine and hydraulic components, to avoid the damage engine appear cold machine wear.

believe everyone is aware of the consequences of cylinder, don't be afraid, you only need to bear in mind that the above content can effectively prevent the phenomenon of cylinder. If a cylinder accident, excavator parts manufacturer to remind you that you must go to normal up, choose quality goods excavator parts!

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