Engine cylinder gasket using iron better or asbestos gaskets gasket?

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Caterpillar machines with engine cylinder gasket can use two kinds of gaskets, gaskets, an iron an asbestos gasket. With that kind of good organic Lord will want to know? You know what is iron sheet what is taught today asbestos gasket cylinder pad is top of the body and the bottom, the seal between the cylinder head. Its role is to keep the cylinder seal airtight, kept by the body's flow to the cylinder head of coolant and oil leak. Cylinder cushion tighten resulted from the cylinder head bolts under pressure, and high temperature combustion gas in the cylinder, the action of high pressure and corrosion of oil and coolant. Cylinder pad should have sufficient strength, and pressure, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, also need to have a degree of elasticity, to compensate for the body top surface and the roughness of the cylinder head bottom and roughness, and the engine cylinder head at work suffer indignities strength of iron gasket: as the name implies, with iron or other metal composite gasket asbestos gasket: refers to the use of graphite or asbestos made similar paper gasket with iron gasket or asbestos gasket good? Should let the owner to provide the engine serial number query, each machine may have different configuration, use the engine serial number query is the most accurate. Asbestos gasket, mainly asbestos sheet and its composite panels, sealing. Metal gasket, one kind is by several layers of low carbon steel plate ( Wrought iron pieces) Made, poor sealing. On both sides of the steel plate glued by heat, pressure and corrosion resistance of new composite materials, in the cylinder bore holes, coolant and oil a stainless steel casing around the edge
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