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by:HMB     2021-01-13

there are a lot of excavator engine carbon deposition caused as a result of the performance, such as difficulty in cold start and idle dithering, underpowered, abnormal temperature, sound, increased carbon deposition, etc. How to remove carbon? How to avoid carbon? Shandong excavator parts manufacturer to summarize several solutions today everybody together to share:

carbon deposition is first to say what? Carbon deposition is the product of incomplete combustion. When the engine in the work, oil and fuel in the unsaturated olefin and colloid under high temperature condition of incomplete combustion will produce sediment, the black jiao a material is often referred to as carbon, carbon deposition can be divided into the valve, the combustion chamber carbon deposition and the intake pipe carbon deposition.

engine appear the cause of the carbon deposit?

excavator engine fault, in use process will be a variety of carbon deposition is a common, few words said, told everyone excavator engine carbon directly below three reasons.

1。 Intake is not pure, excavator accessories filter cannot be completely filtered into the impurities in the air, some impurities into the combustion chamber, carbon deposition will be shown after the burning carbonization.

2。 Caused by moving parts within the engine wear and tear. Motor in high speed, excavator attachments of cylinder liner, valve, piston, piston ring later because of wear debris, digest sedimentary clastic burned inside the cylinder, a valve carbon deposition.

3。 Excavator daily use too much of the impurity in the fuel. In real life fuel is unlikely to be completely pure, filter filter limit, after some little impurity in the fuel burning carbon deposition inside the cylinder, can produce carbon deposition.

engine carbon what harm is there?

1。 When valve in carbon deposition is overmuch, can make the valve uneven force, also can cause the valve rod breaking, such as valve chassis fracture failure.

2。 Carbon serious cause cylinder detonation combustion chamber, the low speed accelerate a noise damage excavator attachments, piston and crankshaft affect the safety of excavator.

3。 A large amount of carbon deposition sometimes plug nozzle, and it need to replace the fuel injector.

4。 Carbon deposition can reduce the power of engine, cause the engine power output is not uniform, Also increases fuel consumption.

5。 Carbon build up inside the piston groove, will stick to piston ring, piston ring cylinder liner deformation, scratches and scuffing, etc.

how to remove carbon?

1。 Excavator accessories manufacturers think more direct way is mechanical grinding method, dig the friends can choose wire brush, spatula, bamboo or emery cloth to clean up the carbon deposition.

2。 When the engine carbon deposition, can buy in addition to carbon additives, reduce the adsorption colloid, sediment, is also one of the ways in which reduce the carbon deposition.

3。 In order to prevent carbon deposition, for your drivers choose high quality engine oil and fuel oil, because the fuel of wax and colloid and other impurity content is the main reason for the formation of carbon deposition.

we can learn through above, engine carbon deposition can lead to serious consequences. Especially the old machine, working hours, parts aging serious, excavator parts remind you must see if difficulty in cold start and idle speed instability, the phenomenon such as underpowered, pay attention to the malfunction in time, timely troubleshooting.

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