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by:HMB     2021-01-14

mention apprentice process, old drivers all have experience greatly, because everyone from an apprentice. Want to have to start from the apprentice, introductory excavator industry as apprentices, of course, is the most basic work to excavator attachments of butter, helping to old driver, etc. Here to share some experiences as a dig friends do apprentice, believe that will cause resonance.

1。 Butter to spit no computer operation opportunity

as an apprentice in the trouble, of course, just the line boring machine that moment, just want to learn some technology breadwinner is enough, thought in the car two hand both with respect to OK! But follow the teacher learning boring machine, the first 3 months or longer in addition to playing butter is excavator parts, it will take a day fart dian fart follow Lao shifu, watching the teacher boring machine, there's not much opportunity of boring machine, began to only stem worried, as an apprentice you should personally felt the annoyance.

2。 Ordinary people think of loneliness and solitude

a lot of boring machine are all get through it slowly, from the apprentice to the later start is go it alone. Many novice the idea of holding the speed learning speed drive, began to excavator attachments are full of enthusiasm, but boring machine in, novices are 20 years old or so commonly, do not know of the suffering of boring machine, when real on excavator, just know how bitter, repeating the same thing every day, there are many novice will feel more and more boring, this is one of the reasons many novice fall by the wayside.

3。 Novice to find work hard no one dare to use

follow teacher learned rectified, finally get the head start, wish this can earn money, but there are lots of things to annoy the novice. Followed by looking for a job is difficult, to find the reality of living difficult problem, excavator parts small make up remind you many boss heard that you are a new one, some simply leave you, to you also get salary pressure die is low, and everywhere. Novice when looking for a job, and will have to be boss.

4。 After the start high inadequate low not, is an embarrassment.

new out at most is a ErBaDao, there are a lot of is what also not, the most basic leveling badly, let me dig a trench dug not straight; The boss let me cannons hammer meng force directly; Novice in left side, repair, on the downhill, leveling, playing hammer technology aspects, such as a lot of all don't pass, just boring machine and some didn't open long, excavator parts was goes wrong, you drive it is even more embarrassing.

5。 Boss requirement is high, the following is not cooperate, and intermittently air splint.

new boring machine, and a large part of the pressure from the outside world. For newcomers, just go to the site to work, will be affected by some unequal treatment, some employers will often find fault with you, fart big something scold you, even the builder is all right to find faults with you, who let you just into the novice in this business?

6。 Want to start their own businesses have no money, no technology and no vision.

some novice can choose to buy a second-hand little dig go it alone, novice when buy used phones trouble again. Novice itself for excavator attachments understand not, don't know when to buy used phones which brand to buy, buy second-hand drivers are afraid of being cheated. Novice even bought drivers, also can find work, must be considered when can return to this, nature is more and more big pressure.

in practise, s). Introduction to excavator industry have to be ready to bear hardships, we only see some successful dig a friend on the surface of the scenery, but how much they paid a hard sweat. Success on the way need your unique vision and hard work, far, afraid tired, excavator parts believe dig friends can achieve their dreams.

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