Electric control system in the application of hydraulic excavator

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Hydraulic excavator is most widely used in construction machinery industry of a mechanical equipment. The most main is the electrical system in hydraulic excavator. When it comes to electric system, must have a lot of people think of the auto industry, indeed, electric control system in the automobile industry has been very poor, but because of the construction machinery industry and automobile industry still has certain difference, so the electronic control system is also different. Today, small make up with you in detail the electric control system of hydraulic excavator. Electric control system mainly have the effect of monitoring in the hydraulic excavator. Its main part is display instrument and various sensors. At present, on the display instrument, with such a trend, will be as much as possible of excavator working parameters displayed on the instrument, such as fuel, engine temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, oil pressure and engine speed, display instrument function is becoming more and more and more complex. In fact, excavator continuous improvement of the monitoring system function is the inevitable trend in the development, but the design of the monitoring instrument is also the result of the comprehensive factors, including the needs of the basic functions, the user of psychological research, considering various factors such as maintenance services. In terms of the basic functional requirements, monitoring instrument display actually need most is the function of fuel quantity, as well as work time, this is also the most indispensable in the early days of the excavators shows, according to the number of other display are given in the form of alarm volume. Limited to the cost consideration, and the development level of these alarm volume of concrete values are often not be collected. But today, instrument display technology obtained the very big development, from the mechanical electric meter to sections of liquid crystal display and light-emitting diodes, and development to the single color dot matrix LCD, and development to the current popular color LCD display, along with the development of electronic technology and sensor technology, makes the past these data acquisition and display of alarm quantity becomes cheap, form a kind of specific work data of all values are displayed on the meter. Therefore, in today's construction machinery industry development, constantly applied to science and technology, achieve greater use value.
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