Earnings growth is strong engineering machinery in the first quarter is favored

by:HMB     2021-01-20

【 Bucket axis 】 As of February 1, a total of 10 engineering machinery enterprises released 2017 earnings forecast, the growth of the industry as a whole is strong. Among them, the seven companies forecast net profit growth, 1 companies forecast to continue, 2 companies forecast turnround.

on the basis of net profit growth ceiling. In 10 earnings forecast of the engineering machinery enterprises, five companies forecast by more than 200% net profit growth, sany's net profit rose by more than 900%.

since the end of 2016, engineering machinery market continues to rebound. Benefit from infrastructure investment growth, low base, upgrading and superposition factors such as export growth, all kinds of engineering machinery products sales in 2017, excavators and other much kind of engineering machinery sales record. Excavator sales exceed 140000 units in 2017, nearly 100% growth.

in 2018, construction machinery market remained stable. CMI in January, China construction machinery market index rose 30%.

the Pacific securities analyst said, according to the latest research situation of industry chain, is expected to excavator industry sales of around 10000 units in January, about 120% year-on-year growth. Is expected in January and February accumulative total sales of close to 20000 units, flat or slightly increase over the previous year, sales may be significantly more than expected in March, sales in the first quarter is expected to more than 30%.

united securities analyst pointed out that, China's construction machinery market index related to new orders, and product price index rose, & other; So is quantity and price & throughout; Help enterprises report repair and gross profit margins up.

haitong securities, said the recent komatsu announced in 2018, an increase in the price of its broad excavator product, and kawasaki foreign parts company contraction capacity in China, domestic makers and excavator attachments company could usher in a new development opportunity.

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