Driving excavator, those problems are often ignore you

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Note: read the random specification safety warning symbol mark appear on the machine, safety signs, brochures, or any other important place on safety information. When you see this sign, you should observe the safety information in the instructions, alert to the possibility of personal injury or death. Appear on the machine & other Dangerous & throughout; ,“ Warning & throughout; ,“ Note & throughout; The safety sign of words are defined as follows: ( 1) The risk of dangerous word said in immediately, if not avoid will result in death or serious bodily injury. ( 2) Said the word warning of potential danger, if not avoid will result in death or serious bodily injury. ( 3) Pay attention to the word said potential danger, if not avoid will result in minor or moderate injury. “ Note & throughout; Also used to prompt may result in personal injury not safe operation of the relevant security matters. “ Dangerous & throughout; On behalf of the most serious danger things. “ Dangerous & throughout; Or & other Warning & throughout; Safety sign is set to a particular hazard or nearby. General considerations listed in & other; Note & throughout; The safety sign. Reading random instruction manual carefully before operating the machine and the machine safety sign of all security matters. Learning how to operate the machine and how to use the correct control method, which does not allow for any people who do not comply with safety instructions operating the machine. Keep your machine in proper working condition, the machines are not recognised changes may do harm to the safety of the machine function and affecting the service life of the machine.
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