Drivers to return to work slow? Excavator parts manufacturer to teach you fast locking point of failure!

by:HMB     2021-01-14
Excavator after a long holiday, finally to return to work. As part of the master did not pay attention to the excavator parts repair, construction, excavator slow, both rotary and operation, are as slow sloths. So, how to get rid of the excavators of slow?

excavator slow mainly displays in three aspects: single action is slow, the whole car slow, slow heat engine action. We would make a concrete analysis these three questions: single action is slow, slow single action implemented including walking, lift arm, turned and scoop the rotation operation. If walking is operating, inversion, carry large forearm, recover the scoop, such as when a single homework, speed is slow. May be the following reasons: excavator components related to the overflow valve pressure too low ( Need to test) ; Pump, low pressure sensor, multi-channel valve fault; Related electromagnetic valve failure, valve core hairpin. 1. Component failures that action part oneself accept bad information or poor contact in the process of implementation, the overflow valve pressure too low (or related components itself The pressure of the relief valve can control the overall, more than the overflow valve can withstand the pressure, the hydraulic system will overflow) , tractor driver can tap parts to see whether there is a screw loose or the pressure test, and maintenance of processing.

2。 Conduction process fault namely command fails, in the process of conduction block command signal transmission, key so you can check the pump, low pressure sensor and multi-way valve to see if a failure. 3. Operation center fault namely excavator instructions issued center, lead to no signal, this kind of situation is more complex, generally also need professional maintenance instruction, you dig a machinist can examine related electromagnetic valve failure, whether the valve core hairpin. The whole vehicle slow 1. Hydraulic system is one of the power system of excavator hydraulic system, if the excavator vehicle slowly, should check the hydraulic system for maintenance on time, and whether the hydraulic oil change regularly, expired hydraulic oil will not only affect the effect of the excavator performance, more corrosion wall of hydraulic excavator. At the same time should also check the hydraulic oil and oil return filter blocking phenomenon, if there is congestion, you should clean up the oil, serious when excavator parts should be changed. 2. Low engine power as well as the hydraulic system, the engine is also one of the dynamic system of excavator, low engine power will lead to low output power, resulting in excavator suppress car, slow excavator vehicle moves. The engine output power is too low, underpowered please combined with the data analysis of the output of the engine condition, all cylinder is able to work at the same time; Check the presence of black smoke appeared, if worn nozzle, can also cause engine power down.

3。 Hydraulic pump hydraulic pump output is insufficient, this belongs to the conduction of the hydraulic system failure, one of the tractor driver can access to the service diagnosis system for related pressure test, whether because of hydraulic pump in excavator slow conduction. Pilot pressure is insufficient cause open valve core, causing traffic is insufficient, lead to drivers slow. 4. Circuit problems related to excavator CPU, high and low pressure sensors, solenoid valve and line fault. Cold machine is normal, heat engine slow 1. Check oil check whether the use of fuel is accord with the requirement of the excavator, if fuel for too long there is no change in oil is too dirty, should be replaced immediately; Check the oil filter for copper scrap, causing the main pump wear and tear, if wear be apart to see, excavator attachments timely replacement.

2。 Filter clogging filter blocking causes oil, so check to see the forerunner filter, oil filter, oil suction filter is blocked, if filter blockage, need to clean up blocking material, serious when need to replace the excavator accessories filter. 3. Main pump of eyelid is main pump piston get muddy, excavator daily work most of the time are dealing with soil, so the piston become muddy also unavoidable, but the pistons jams can reduce main pump of pump pressure and power output decreases, the excavator slow. So the excavator daily maintenance, also should pay attention to clean up all parts of the mud. small make up remind everyone here, make sure to check in advance before you start repair, inspect for damage of excavator parts, if there are any damage, change in time. Or stagnation caused by fault in construction engineering.

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