Drivers stalling out, may be this thing mischief!

by:HMB     2021-01-28
To introduce the drivers today suddenly stop troubleshooting although it is small, effect can be very big! If a working normal drivers suddenly stop, can't use for owner's influence is considerable. If not timely maintenance good, will bring a lot of damage to the owner, may lead to delay the construction period, can't get the payment smoothly. Recently there was a main drivers has been such a problem, he immediately turned to the stewards machine engineer. 1, failure phenomenon of a working god steel efi excavator, stalling in the normal work, and cannot be started. 2, troubleshooting, 1) The car is automatically shut down, all car not suppress signs. Turn the key of whole vehicle electricity, start the motor rotation, noise effectively, eliminate circuit problem. ( 2) Check the fuel, fuel tank liquid level in tank two-thirds, exclude fuel lack of stalling. Check the diesel filter, replace the filter after the fault is still. Check drivers oil supply oil, no leakage blocking, everything is ok. ( 3) SCV valve to replace commissioning, equipment can normal boot, fault disappear. This decision, SCV valve failure equipment stalling and cannot be started at work. 3、SVC( 成立分公司,国际货币基金组织) Working principle of the valve SCV valve is a inverse electromagnetic proportional valve controlled by the ECU, also called the EFC, the IMF valve. ECU receives the engine speed, water temperature, common rail pressure and suction pressure signal, the instruction current is derived for SCV valve, control the SCV valve opening, in order to control into the supply pump diesel flow, the purpose of the common rail pressure adjustment. In simple terms the SCV valve is a fuel metering valve, main effect is to control the fuel supply and control of fuel injection quantity. 4, the cause of the problem if the SCV valve failure reasons are mostly caused by the problem of fuel. Efi engine to the requirement of fuel oil is higher, if the poor quality of fuel, more impurities, is easy to cause the SCV valve valve or damaged. 5, how to judge the SCV failure? ( 1) Measure SCV valve on both ends of the resistance value, average of 7. 9± 0. 5Ω( The resistance is slightly different from different types of) , if the resistance value is basically a huge difference between the valve itself. ( 2) Budge flint, the key in the ignition electric moment of SCV front-end valve core movement, throttle size may also affect the action of valve core, if no action, is probably the hairpin or damage to the valve core. Conclusion through the above article believes that the interpretation of SCV valve had certain understanding. SCV valve is small, but large influence on the engine. Machine housekeeper warm remind each teacher pay more attention to observation in peacetime work, improve the recognition of SCV valve, a problem must be timely screening process.
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