Drivers on the cause and management of engine valve foot ring

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Excavator engine valve foot ring phenomenon, find phenomenon can analyze the reason, to find solutions. 1, the diesel engine cold car, sound easy. 2, sound has nothing to do with speed, only occasionally appear crisp sound, will soon disappear, serious when, the noise will occur frequently. 3, sound appeared along with individual cylinder does not work, the sound disappeared after return to normal. Reason: 1, the valve seat in the cylinder head set with interference quantity is too small to cause loose kuang; Improper selection of the valve seat materials, thermal expansion coefficient is too small. Diagnosis and exclusion: 1, when sound appeared, don't work with individual cylinder phenomenon; Noise disappear, diesel engine is back to normal again, can be diagnosed as not working cylinder valve seat ring loose. 2, the use of cylinder pressure gauge measuring cylinder by cylinder pressure, low pressure cylinder for sound cylinder.
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