Drivers old driver warned: small problems do not change into a big mistake

by:HMB     2021-01-23
Everyday, we see a lot of excavator driver operating equipment on site, experienced skilled, but small make up also carefully found, a driver in the process of operating equipment is not particularly care about some small problem. Here small make up had to remind everyone machinist, small problems do not change into a big problem. The excavator is a tractor driver good brothers, more should be more love dearly love more. So what are the small problem is the most easy to ignore in the everybody everyday? Drivers old driver warned: small problems do not change to big error 1. Fierce turn fierce stop so the brake hydraulic system of the relief valve easy card, it is also easy to broken wheel bearing. 2. Excavator to stop working so much so that the oil pressure will supply, occasionally a unscathed, but in the past for a long time can cause high temperature power. 3. Work stoppages, drivers don't GuanPing uneven parked everywhere have say good safety operation, the second day morning also have to check the oil drain? 4. Don't close the door window to open the door to open air conditioning is not close cabin temperature drop, cold pump don't jump, long jump, not cold pump failure failure, on the other hand is dust, expansion valve absorb dust, small air conditioning wind is probably caused by expansion valve plug. 5. Didn't put excavator working directly into water, water into the oil water separator, are not put into the oil pump, oil pump is not by the clampdown. 6. Excavator stop immediately shut down the engine temperature is too high, the water in the engine can't circulation water tank, especially in the summer. These are small details, it seems that also does not matter, but in order to avoid unnecessary loss, but also to better protect our friend & ndash; — Excavator, I hope you can bear in mind the machinist.
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