Drivers in winter operation and maintenance of knowledge

by:HMB     2021-01-31
In December, the winter cold wind cold gradually. Excavators, loaders and other construction machinery is north China in winter construction of season, use the winter to do a good job of stopping construction machinery maintenance, is the key to prolong the service life of the engineering machinery. In addition, still in winter construction of engineering machinery, also need to check and maintenance. Small make up today and share some knowledge about winter drivers operation and maintenance, help you and your friends' good machine 'avoid' hole '. Carter excavators & bull; Choosing the appropriate 'oil' excavators and other construction machinery need isn't a 'big treasure, they want diesel oil, engine oil and lubricating oil. Especially in the winter temperature is particularly low, all kinds of oil viscosity, this time will need to switch to a low viscosity of diesel oil, engine oil and lubricating oil. Let's look at how to choose different 'oil, diesel oil density in a cold environment, viscosity increases, the liquidity of the internal institutions. Diesel spray powder not easily, cause atomization, incomplete combustion, resulting in fuel consumption increase, the efficiency drops, can affect the performance and fuel economy of diesel engine. Excavators, therefore, should be chosen in the winter light diesel oil, light diesel oil solidifying point of low and ignition performance is better. In general, the diesel oil solidifying point should be lower than the local lowest temperature around 10 ℃ of the current season. Oil viscosity increased when temperature decrease, liquidity, friction increases, lead to the crankshaft rotation resistance, piston and cylinder liner wear more, causing diesel engine start-up difficulties. Winter, in the alpine region and plateau in north of China, to operate the machine, the winter high grade engine oil should be changed, such as: 10 w - label 30 and 5 w - 40 oil, or higher grade engine oil; For the winter warmer regions such as southern homework machine, can according to the actual situation of the local temperature to consider whether oil change is needed. When choosing a grease, high temperature, you should choose small evaporation loss, more grease; And in the winter, the temperature low, should choose low viscosity, the interpretation of the viscous oil. • Maintenance don't forget to 'filling water, if you want to in the winter low temperature used excavator construction work, should give the excavator antifreeze is added in the cooling system, the proportion of antifreeze should be added to the cooling system of the proportion of minimum temperature. If drivers equipment over a period of time to stop the use, the need to empty the water in the engine. Need to pay attention to when the water, cooling water, don't too early to put the body in higher temperature, suddenly cold air attacks will produce snap-back, prone to crack. In addition water should be thoroughly discharge residual water in body, prevent freezing expansion, burst the body. • Winter 'movement, drivers will' ready to activities' was burning diesel engine start, don't let drivers into load operation immediately, drivers need to be ready to do warm-up activities. Soon after the ignition of diesel engine, due to the low body temperature, oil viscosity, oil is not easy to filling the motion pair of friction surface, can cause severe wear machine. Winter was burning diesel engine starting, low to medium speed idling for a few minutes, and then the engine speed increased, operating bucket, bucket and bucket rod continuous work for a period of time, such as cooling water temperature is above 60 ℃, put in load operation. • Good friends machine also should pay attention to 'keep warm' winter winter construction or shutdown has to pay attention to the key components of equipment insulation. Winter construction work has been completed, must be set on the engine cover insulation curtain, heat preservation, if necessary in front of the radiator with plate curtain blocking wind; Some oil radiator mounted on the engine, and should throw switch pull to winter gear at low temperature, oil from oil flowing through the radiator. If excavator shutdown, parked in the garage and other indoor venues as far as possible.
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