Drivers hydraulic pump need to be aware of ten common sense

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Excavator hydraulic pump is one of the most important parts on the drivers, usually need to pay attention to what? In the process of work at ordinary times, pay attention to hydraulic pump devices piping is working properly? Operation after a period of time, check to see if the leak piping is loose. When drivers in the operation of the pump abnormal noise, drivers oscillation problems code or alarm or computer board, must stop check if caused by the pump problem. Excavators in new period, we should grasp the operation condition check, such as the maintenance parts, screw loosening, whether there is abnormal oil temperature rise, whether the hydraulic pump oil quickly deteriorates, check the use condition is in accordance with the regulations, etc. When drivers operating environment temperature is low, must first idle running more than 10 minutes after drivers start up such as temperature, for drivers of loading operation, to ensure drivers hydraulic pump normal operation. When drivers normal operation must be aware of drivers often hydraulic pump oil temperature is too high? Drivers water temperature is too high. Hydraulic pump has just started to use when you need to check for abnormal noise pump? Because in the first operation of simple was the influence of air bubbles and dust, high temperature or poor lubrication when using overload condition, etc. , make hydraulic pump appear abnormal noise. Always keep an eye on drivers hydraulic pump pressure gauge shows the value of the inside. Understand the effect of each valve in drivers hydraulic pump system. Be careful when replacement pump drivers in oil hydraulic pump system each screen whether there is a blockage in the loop. Drivers regularly check the hydraulic pump oil application situation, and basically every one or two months to analyze the drivers hydraulic pump oil deterioration? If there is any color change or pollution, etc.
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