Drivers cannons too laborious! How to choose and use hammer?

by:HMB     2021-01-25
1, what is the broken hammer hammer is also called the crushing machine, gun head, is one of the excavator often use the affiliated fittings, often used to mountain, broken roads, houses, Bridges, mines and broken rock conditions such as homework. 2, the type of hammer hammer can be divided into three types, depending on the type of power: pure nitrogen, pure hydraulic and hydraulic type with nitrogen. We can according to the picture below is used in the sample to meet their excavator which type. 。 Three basic structures, broken hammer hammer can be seen from the above the main structure is divided into the hammer body ( Movement) And support, including plywood, plywood under protection effect to the machine core respectively, and the drill rod is direct contact with the material in the crushing operation. The accumulator main buffer protection role, to a certain extent can lengthen the service life of the crushing apparatus. General small hammer or drill rod diameter less than 250 px of broken hammer assembly accumulator. 4, how to determine the suitable crushing hammer type to see that you might want to: each brand of broken structure will not vary a lot, my excavator should choose what type of crushing machine? Excavator model, different tonnage will need to choose different types of broken hammer, to ensure the excavator hydraulic pump working pressure and flow rate within the parameters of the hammer. Due to the different types of each manufacturer brand, here you can according to the following table is shown in excavator tonnage size to choose the right type of broken hammer, this table is for reference only. 5, how to choose the hammer in the work pressure, work flow in the above options, need to match the excavator's hydraulic performance, while the drill shank diameter and the fight against frequency can undertake choosing according to the conditions of the working condition. Such as broken thicker pavement or a hard material can choose to drill rod diameter larger, hit by the force of the hammer blow some high frequency is bigger, according to different working condition with appropriative drill rod, I believe that my homework the effect will be better. Specific conditions and price factors in the choice or, after all, a broken hammer price in tens of thousands of yuan of above. 6, broken hammer bracket on the market all kinds of broken hammer bracket is different also, concrete can be divided into: upright, triangle, box, it is not hard to send the triangle bracket is one of the most common. 7, the installation of knapper most excavator factory will provide corresponding installation interface, equipped with quick change connectors. 8, size dig broken hammer assembly if excavators have quick connector, according to the installation method of quick connector manufacturers regulations fast to install, but I find that there are still a lot of excavator hydraulic line installation is not the same, is this why? In the said broken hammer type said, dig broken hammer to the size of the assembly is not the same, but in principle is & other; Plus ca change & throughout; 。 Most drivers only responsible for the operation part, on the one that is not particularly clear, in order to enrich the & other; Extracurricular knowledge & throughout; , small step also compiled some information for everybody easy to understand. 9, case: installation when installing a broken hammer broken hammer are main lines and two pilot oil pipeline needs to connect, the pipe installation is actually the oil, the problem of oil return, the overflow valve is used to control the pressure, the foot valve is used to control the hammer work, also have excavators operating a switch installed on the handle bar. In the collection of the corps of broken hammer after-sales personnel as caterpillar excavator installation hammer 5 scene photo, for your reference. First is the staff operating excavators will hammer out of the car off, this image shows the excavator has been assembled on the forearm of the broken pipe. After unloading and what to do? From this perspective, the big arm at the top of the staff should be set-up in the overflow valve, used to adjust the working pressure of the best, but on the other side of broken hammer set-up at the same time, also from the drill rod assembly to fill nitrogen one pace reachs the designated position. In this step is compatible with the steps of a bucket assembly, in addition to the two hydraulic tubing needs to connect, unload hammer steps is the opposite. Experience in operation of the driver knows the bucket to replacing hammer should be pressure, pressure relief valve for the most part set in the hydraulic oil tank, or hydraulic pressure spurts out, dangerous for personal safety. Then you can use toilet paper or other material to block the tubing, in the case of conditional can use container will leakage of hydraulic oil are collected, avoid to cause waste and environmental pollution. In the case of several individual excavator completely above posture may be used for assembly, and in the case of only one person to assemble the feeling will be very tired, on this method, small free again chat with you fine. The final hammer equipment good, also can start working. In the case of normal use, the broken hammer work about three years, work efficiency to reduce phenomenon will occur. This is because in the work, the piston and cylinder block surface wear, make the original clearance increases, high pressure oil leakage, pressure is reduced, resulting in a decline in hammer impact energy and lower work efficiency. In individual cases, due to the operator use undeserved, more accelerated wear parts.
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