Drivers accessories attention 5 g new ecological engineering machinery industry

by:HMB     2021-01-21

2019 is 5 g of the first year of business. Drivers accessories, on August 29, with China mobile signed in changsha zoomlion 5 g business strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will hand in hand to promote industrial equipment and the latest global information and communications technology depth fusion, promote the formation of the 5 g + new business models and fall to the ground, shaping construction machinery industry new formats. Vice President of zoomlion FuLing, vice general manager of China mobile hunan Yin Qilu attended the signing ceremony.

FuLing zoomlion vice President, said the zoomlion and China mobile as their role in the field of industry, this brought the two sides signed a lot of cooperation opportunities, prospect is broad, the application of 5 g will further improve the level of intelligent products, promote intelligent manufacturing capacity, to reduce the company to control costs, improve logistics intellectualized degree and so on, believe that through our sincere cooperation, to expand the construction machinery industry development space.

China mobile company deputy general manager of hunan Yin Qilu said, look forward to to the 5 g business cooperation as an opportunity to make full use of cloud computing, big data, such as information technology, Internet of things, and 5 g advantage, provide zoomlion with 5 g of low cost and high quality technical service, realize the complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results.

the central economic work conference to promote the development of manufacturing high quality as the first of seven major tasks in 2019, clearly put forward to increase the manufacturing technological transformation and equipment renewal, quicken the steps of 5 g commercial, strengthen the artificial intelligence, industry, the Internet, Internet and other new infrastructure.

drivers accessories believe that the future flexible, portable, high broadband, low latency and high reliable 5 g technology, will help industrial transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Through the use of 5 g will implement the independent operation and remote monitoring equipment, make the operation more precise and reduce the communication delay between people and equipment to the greatest extent, disruptive change brings to the construction machinery industry.

drivers accessories as a member of engineering machinery accessories, sincerely hope that the domestic construction machinery industry leading, zoomlion followed everything connected the development trend of The Times, to speed up the industrial Internet, Internet of things, the layout and application of artificial intelligence, etc. In 2005, zoomlion began iot application research of remote monitoring. Began in 2014, zoomlion with intelligent products as the breakthrough point, based on sensing, content and big data technologies, such as deepening of man, machine, fully connected, promote enterprise products, manufacturing, service and management of intelligent and digital.

China mobile is one of the largest telecommunication operators in China, will build more than 50000 5 2019 g base stations, at the same time will launch & other; Network + middle + application & throughout; 5 g product system, to build 100 5 g application demonstration, accelerate push depth fusion 5 g with all walks of life.

drivers believe through this with China mobile accessories in 5 g business strategic cooperation, zoomlion will use technology, 5 g to 5 g, artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, augmented reality technology such as the depth of the fusion, 5 g in the innovative application of engineering machinery industry, can by fu industry ecology, continue to enhance the quality of the equipment manufacturing industry development.

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