Dou shaft to move, the big six skills avoid excavator idle harm!

by:HMB     2021-01-21
Shall we like bucket axis small make up for their car idle high hazard is more understanding, to check whether the intake manifold is loose or leak, will increase fuel consumption costs, in addition to increase engine produced carbon deposition; Cars drive idle speed is too low, on the way, will be flame-out safe hidden trouble; Car idle high low, it is possible that the spark plug and ignition coil does not work, lead to engine piston does not work, jitter caused by severe. Actually excavator, too, to reduce the idle equipment.

so, excavator idle when the fuel consumption, beyond your imagination. Construction machinery industry machine the friends all know that, in the process of the construction equipment of idle speed is inevitable, a lot of time in order to save operation link, machinist will launch the machine waiting for work, this is idle. Idle speed refers to the engine idling state, when there is no homework is excavator, in the case of no-load running engine. In the daily construction, a lot of customer equipment idle time accounts for 40 ~ 50% of equipment running time, idle time the engine burning oil did not create any value, is a waste, in other common saying says: in & other; Burn & throughout; 。 To work 2000 hours a year of equipment, for example, if idle velocity to 40%, according to the idle speed fuel consumption about 3 1 hours. 7 liters to calculate, this equipment more than a year will produce about twenty thousand yuan for the oil, so, a lot of cost?

idle time is too long, low cost and high efficiency of idle for a long time in addition to the very fuel, will also bring to all drivers equipment and engineering work no small impact: 1. Increased fuel costs, reduce the working efficiency; 2. Generate additional maintenance costs, such as the replacement of filter, etc. ; 3. Reduce equipment engine parts, such as life; 4. 。 Increased engine wear, impact used value; 5. 。 Increase maintenance time, delay the progress of; 6. Fuel oil incomplete combustion, increase emissions, affect the environment.

big six skills, reduce equipment idle bucket axis, as equipment management, to reduce the cost of idle speed, improve construction efficiency, you need to pay attention to idle, check the idle speed condition of their team, and try to reduce the idle time. Below for your friends and machine is introduced to reduce the idle six tips: 1. Every day before start working, equipment preheating 3 ~ 5 minutes, time shoulds not be too long. 2. Idle time before reducing downtime, new engines without idle, part of the old model engine to be idle for 2 minutes; 3. When loading and unloading equipment waiting more than 5 minutes, can choose to stop stalling; 4. When the tractor driver rest does not work, to stop the stall; 5. If the engine is equipped with automatic idle speed control system, turn on this feature, when no load or light load, reduce the engine speed; 6. Effective management of construction vehicle, through the best routes and the reasonable construction to reduce idle time. All in all, small make up think excavator bucket axis is vile and idle. So, it is very important to the correct use of vehicles, otherwise will seriously affect the normal service life of the vehicle.

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