Dou shaft manufacturer: smooth operation raw materials industry in China

by:HMB     2021-01-21

a pipe shaft manufacturer according to the National Bureau of Statistics latest data show that, in May this year, the extractive industry prices 6. 1%, industrial raw materials prices fell 0. 6%. The added value of the mining industry grew 3. 9%.

1 - this year In may, the coal mining and washing industry ex-factory price rose 2. 4%, the exploitation of oil and gas producer prices rose 4. 2%, ferrous metal CaiXuanYe ex-factory prices rose 7. 9%, non-ferrous metal CaiXuanYe ex-factory price fell by 1. 7%, non-metallic mineral CaiXuanYe ex-factory prices rose 5. 4%. 1 - In may, the national industrial output grew by 6% year on year. Railway passenger cars, urban rail vehicles, new energy vehicles, large tractor, crane, rare and rare earth metals, ethylene, steel etc. Main products keep and above double-digit growth.

a pipe shaft manufacturer, according to figures released the ministry also quarter smooth operation raw materials industry in China. In tax cuts JiangFei positive policies related to leads, the non-ferrous metals market a boost. Steel exports better than expected, steel exports better than expected.

dou shaft manufacturer according to the National Bureau of Statistics, said experts read data on the current industrial production run in a reasonable range, but the future industrial production growth further intensify the downward pressure. The next stage, to insist on the supply side structural reform as the main line, cultivate strong domestic market, continue to play three big battle, strive to promote the development of high quality, deepen the reform and opening up, strengthen innovation drive, speed up the industrial upgrading, promote steady economic health and sustainable development.

on the other hand, my, council recently issued by the 'about ready to form a complete set of special bond issue of local government and project financing work notice, we will focus on strengthening the support to key areas and weak links. Which proposed that encourage local governments and financial institutions in accordance with the law of compliance using special bonds and other market-based financing way, key support the development of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei, the Yangtze river economic belt, & other One Belt And One Road & throughout; Construction, the construction of a large bay area of guangdong, Yangtze river delta regional integration development, and promote hainan comprehensively deepen reform and opening up and other major strategic and rural revitalization strategy, and promote the turn shantytowns into new housing areas, such as affordable housing projects, change of relocation follow-up support for poverty alleviation, natural disaster prevention system construction, railway, toll roads, airports, water conservancy, ecological and environmental protection, health, heat, gas and other public utilities, urban infrastructure, agriculture, rural areas such as infrastructure and other into & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Planning conforms to the condition of major projects.

premier li keqiang on June 11, said China will continue to implement the massive tax cuts JiangFei, activate market, promoting the development of high quality. ( Bucket shaft manufacturer)

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