Don't miss! Functions and code of excavator parts nine sensor explanation!

by:HMB     2021-01-14

excavator parts of sensors closely focused on the engine & other; Health & throughout; , once appear problem, some parts related sensors will show in the form of code, in order to help the owner to find fault. Here are nine sensor function and code a:

1, excavator attachments vice speed sensor

location: engine cylinder head

common alarm: P0340, P0341

specific effects: engine speed feedback signal to the CPU. CPU receives a pair of rotating speed sensor feedback signal after the judge whether the speed of the engine is normal, the engine load state is normal, and combined with other feedback signals of engine and excavator parts related to control of hydraulic system.

2, a main speed sensor

location: excavator parts under the flywheel along

common alarm: P0335, P0336

specific effects: used to ECU feedback engine speed, Angle to the crankshaft and camshaft Angle signal, in order to make correct judgment ECU timing information. Such as sensor, a chance to drop speed or speed.

3, excavator parts injector harness connector/injector connector

location: engine cylinder head

common alarm: P0201, P0202, P0203, P0204, P0205, P0206

specific effects: the connector is mainly used to keep the injector solenoid valve with ECU control signals between unicom, control the injection start time and stop time, reach the purpose of adjusting the fuel delivery advance Angle and injection, so as to control the engine speed and torque. Such as the joint can lead excavator parts jet injection quantity is unusual, excavator some action.

4, master CPU speed sensor

location: under the flywheel along

common alarm: G033, G043

specific effects: the excavator parts sensor is mainly used for motor speed feedback signal to the CPU. Such as the sensor plug is loose or sensor itself is damaged, will lead to hydraulic system power down or engine shutdown.

5, excavator parts oil pressure alarm switch/oil pressure sensor

position: on the engine oil cooler

common alarm: 00198, 01008,

specific effects: such as engine starting condition, low oil pressure alarm, the engine may be automatically shut down.

6, common rail pressure sensor

position: on the high pressure common rail

common alarm: P0191, P0192, P0193

specific effects: excavator attachments ECU to real-time monitoring diesel common rail cavity pressure, and according to the feedback of pressure feedback signal and other signal judgment, for injector solenoid valve, electromagnetic valve EGR, SCV valve control unit such as a command signal.

7, water temperature sensor

location: excavator accessories section probe is shell

common alarm: P0117, P0118

specific effects: water temperature sensor is mainly detect water tank water temperature. The sensor failure, the error signal, cold start car will show the temperature of the hot car signal, at this point, difficult to start a chance to happen.

8, fuel temperature sensor

location: located in excavator parts diesel pumps, next to the SCV valve. Warning:

common P0182, P0183, P0187, P0188

specific effects: main control fuel oil heater temperature sensor signal to CPU and protection of the diesel generator. Such as sensor, engine performance will be affected.

9, supercharging pressure sensor

location: excavator accessories turbocharger on

common alarm: P0108, P0237

specific effects: the sensor is used to ECU feedback after supercharger turbo inspiratory pressure, such as sensors is unusual, can reduce the engine output.

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