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by:HMB     2021-01-19

oil-water separator

oil-water separator are small, but plays a very important role in the drivers. Its main effect is filtering moisture and impurities in diesel oil to reduce nozzle wear and tear, extending the service life of the launch. small make up today for you to share the content of the oil-water separation is alarm screening process and maintenance method, for your reference.

oil-water separator alarm

common alarm: W010 for oil-water separator water sensor alarm.

check excavator parts at the bottom of the oil-water separator for water, diesel is mixed with water in the oven, if there is a need to discharge in a timely manner.

if there is no water in diesel fuel and check excavator parts of oil-water separator water sensor wiring and joint abnormality, such as the wiring and remove the joint after the alarm to eliminate, that sensor itself is damaged, replace.

like solving sensor wiring still cannot eliminate alarm, may be the main computer board failure, recommend replacing see if back to normal.

oil-water separator, the poor quality of diesel oil, diesel, too much water will cause the engine won't start.

excavator parts of oil-water separator maintain

regular drainage

recommended daily check for oil-water separation of water and drainage on a regular basis. Oil-water separator in general have red buoy, buoy density between diesel oil and water, and so will float on the surface of the water at the bottom of the diesel. When the buoy is in middle position, should be unscrewed the excavator attachments off moisture oil-water separator drain at the bottom of the bolt.

element changes on time

excavator parts oil-water separator filter should be replaced every 500 hours time, it is recommended to use original filter, in case the time is too long, too many impurities clogging oil-water separator filter, which affect the filtration precision, lead to impurities into the diesel system, wear diesel pump and nozzle.

winter insulation

low temperature in winter, especially in the north, to prevent oil-water separator filter cup was freezing cold, for excavator parts of oil-water separator wrapped in a layer of insulation materials. Also can choose which has the function of heating oil/water separation filter bowl prevent diesel freezing in the oil-water separator.

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