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by:HMB     2021-01-13

oil market category is various, quality also is very different, excavator attachments remind everybody to choose the appropriate oil need everyone to do their homework. When we put the carefully selected oil filling after the engine is not everything. Because these items are equally important, carelessly also will run into big trouble!

oil also has a life, when after reaching certain condition doesn't work. Usually, engine oil and satisfy the following conditions is required to guarantee the normal work of the engine and lubrication components: proper viscosity and good low temperature flow properties, oxidation resistance, thermal stability, clean dispersion performance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

1, engine oil, improper selection

oil change, excavator parts according to the selection of engine oil need to according to the requirements of the instruction for use, add the products that meet the quality requirements and the same label.

2. Improper cleaning method leads to

excavator parts cleaning crank case, the engine oil filter or radiator clean incomplete or packing the sealing gasket, oil filter oil may appear new fast black, dirty conditions. In addition, if the excavator accessories filter filter clogging or damaged, not timely clean or replace, will be made by filter filtration ability weakened engine oil metamorphism.

3, the pollution of combustion by-products

combustion produces a large amount of water vapor, the low temperature, preheat start or engine, water vapor will condense in the cylinder wall, and then into the excavator attachments crankcase oil sludge and no complete combustion of fuel. In addition, also can produce the acid in the combustion process, parts or components may be corrosion rust, generated by the sediment jam filter.

4, the pollution of abrasive

in the process of operation, the site of the dust, sand or other impurities are likely to enter the oil, the engine oil circulation, causes a rapid wear of excavator parts.

the harm of oil change not in time

1, long-term use of oil dispersancy, oxidation resistance is very poor, in the work when the engine is easy to produce a large number of materials such as carbon, gum and sludge deposit in the engine, may cause poor lubrication, excavator parts wear, a huge increase in fuel consumption, power down, even serious when also can jam oil duct, a cylinder, etc.

2, long time used engine oil viscosity-temperature characteristics, under the high and low temperature, the viscosity change is very big, can make oil low-temperature start with poor cannot arrive on engine startup quickly all the moving parts of clearance, results in dry friction between excavator parts, increase the wear and tear. Similarly, when high temperature, also can't form good lubricating oil film, also cannot provide good protection for the engine.

3, the oil of the ability of resistance to acid and acid neutralization with long time use, make the engine work in time to oleic acid value increased significantly, the engine caused by acidic corrosion, shorten the life of the engine to use.

in addition to the above the normal maintenance, waste oil processing necessary to properly, should be dealt with to specialized institutions, so as to avoid damage to the environment. It is important to have economic interests, excavator parts small make up believe that people are always in for a balance between economic benefits and environmental.

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