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by:HMB     2021-01-14

in the near future, the excavator attachments small make up to see such as & other; Go against excavator sales & throughout; 、“ Excavator throughout new cycle &; 、“ Excavator sales again & throughout; So refresh the title of the article, even the excavator sales as the infrastructure investment even a barometer of macroeconomic, very bullish on the second half of the economic situation.

really so optimistic?

excavator attachments manufacturer notice on July excavator sales really bright eye, monthly sales of 11123 units, forty-five percent year-on-year. 3, not only much higher than in July last year, and higher than all July in history.

every year in the Philippines is excavator sales season, but this year the off-season does not light, even with general year season.

some say, & other; Behind the excavator sales in July, the recent high-level meeting bring up infrastructure investment. ” Beg excavator parts small make up.

because of the political bureau proposed & other; Strengthen infrastructure repair short & throughout; Is July 31, even heard of the State Council executive meeting on July 23 & other In promoting the building of infrastructure projects on early effective & throughout; After the sound of the action quickly, but also is only a week, assault is too late, spending money excavator sales don't like to buy home appliance, need a cycle.

is the growth of investment in fixed assets?

the first seven months of this year investment grew by five percent year on year. 5, growth of low since 1992; But the excavator sales growth was fifty-eight percent. 7. Look at last year, investment growth was only four percent. 2, the excavator sales jumped ninety-seven percent. 4, nearly doubled! Investment downturn also, of course, not a year for two years, the investment growth rate reached a peak of thirty percent in 2009 into the downlink channel, excavator sales peak in 2011, lag for two years, then all the way down, until the bottom in 2015, 2016, has opened up a new round of rising cycle, but investment growth is still low.

later than investment growth peaked, but before the investment growth bottomed, excavator sales ups and downs in the economic cycle, the environment, but it is difficult to undertake infrastructure investment and macro economic barometer of the ears.

the cause of the excavator sales soar nearly two years, more and more from the industry, the upgrading of the machine.

the update demand is 46840 units in 2016, when the excavator sales is 73390, accounted for more than 6 into update demand, update demand is 61891 units in 2017, is expected to update demand to rise to 81536 units in 2018, 2019, 102310 units, 145532 units in 2020.

update quantity rise sharply year by year, because influenced by the state environmental protection policy for tighter, in April 2016 national energy-saving of construction machinery and stricter emissions standards, the road mobile mechanical diesel engine emission standard have been executed by the third stage, eliminate does not conform to the requirements of the excavator is imperative, the peak period of a cycle at the same time, namely from 2009 to 2011 excavator has gradually entered the period of sales.

according to excavator attachments manufacturer is expected, in 2018 is expected to be out on the market most & other; Two countries a / & throughout; Excavator, so in the future for a period of time, construction machinery market will be subject to strict environmental protection policy.

assumes that the life of the excavator and wheel loader for 10 years, and start on the three years of machine was eliminated forty percent, namely need upgrading machines, the remaining sixty percent of the machines continue to work normally, the more early of the eliminated entirely.

the future update proportion is expected to boost demand, preliminary estimates 2018 excavator update demand than is expected to reach forty-five percent Nine years is expected to reach forty-eight thousand two hundred and one percent fifty percent.

excavator parts summarized as follows: nearly half of the sales from the upgrading of machinery and equipment, rather than investment, is different from the last round of four trillion under the stimulus of excavator sales soared.

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