Do you know what role does the damping block?

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Do you know what role does the damping block? Two days before meet a customer, need caterpillar 320 d damping block, the new colleagues are very curious to ask: what is a damping block? CTP carter accessories rebound after the quake absorption spring damping block is mainly used to suppress the shock and impact from the road, in the modification of the suspension system in the process, the shock absorber of hard goes to the hard spring and the hardness of the spring and is closely related to vehicle weight, so the heavier car generally adopt a hard shock absorbers. A device connected and lead the crankshaft, fight the crankshaft torsional vibration ( The impact of the crankshaft under the cylinder ignition and twisting phenomenon) 。 CTP carter accessories damping block is a kind of high elastic rubber products of high tenacity, belongs to the automobile refitting accessories. Used to install in automotive suspension coil spring, the main buffer shock effect and to the shock protection. CTP parts function introduction (carter 1) Improving the driving stability, enhance driving comfort and enjoy driving. ( 2) To limited weakened body vibration, absorb the noise of the suspension system; ( 3) Solve the problem of weak spring, improve body 0. 2 - 0. 3 cm, but it can't effectively improve the bearing capacity; ( 4) Limited buffer and the absorption of instantaneous pressure caused by uneven terrain, avoid shock absorption system damage ( Warning: more than limit) will damage the damping system 。 The cushion rubber piece on the auto shock absorber has what role & ndash; — Misconceptions about buffer glue functions with doubt if it's already weak spring, when compressed body will fall too low, so by installing the rubber buffer to spring support and relieve stress, and this kind of situation can be understood as to improve the car. Usually is 0. 2 - 0. 3 cm or more, depending on the spring spacing and spring too weak, and so on. But if it is a new spring, under normal circumstances is not also do not need to increase the body height, unless the installed buffer rubber specification is greater than the spring spacing, appear a certain section of the rubber spring buffered jacking force, this is not correct. So, please be sure to choose to match the spring spacing buffer rubber models. CTP carter accessories to reduce the noise first need to be clear, buffer rubber is not a silencer, it is not like some merchants & publicity by other A 80% reduction in noise & throughout; 、“ A 40% reduction in noise & throughout; , the statement is obviously not scientific not comprehensive. Need recognition is, however, buffer rubber can to a certain extent, reduce noise ( Depending on the specific situation is concerned) 。 For example, some car in the loading weight or bumpy road, suspension system and the surrounding location frequent friction collision, when installing the buffer rubber after solved such problems, and absorbed the surrounding some of the relative noise. Or more simply, buffer rubber since improved the stability and comfort of driving, so the original some relevant noise will be slightly lower. CTP carter accessories increase the for most of the situation, it is a big mistake. We usually had such experiences, when the car load heavy goods, car body drop too low, Spring is compressed) Even when speed bumps have to carefully; When installing the buffer rubber, rubber cushion in the middle of spring support and relief, the same weight of the goods when loading car body will not be so low pressure ( Hard rubber piece of block in the middle of the suspension spring, spring spacing of the larger more obvious) , in other words, in the buffer glue before damage can improve the bearing capacity limited. , CTP carter accessories
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