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Do you know those things about hydraulic oil?

Do you know those things about hydraulic oil?


Recently, many customers have asked me about the causes of black oil in hydraulic breakers. In order to avoid hydraulic system failures, what are the requirements for hydraulic oil? I will answer your questions today.

一、The importance of hydraulic oil

        The hydraulic system is an important component of the hydraulic breaker, and the quality of the hydraulic oil will affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The improper selection of the hydraulic oil or the pollution of the hydraulic oil will cause the hydraulic system to malfunction. Therefore, choosing the right hydraulic oil plays an important role in maintaining the normal operation of the hydraulic system and prolonging the service life of the system and components.

二、Requirements for hydraulic oil

       The important index for selecting hydraulic oil is viscosity. The hydraulic oil itself protects various worn parts. If the hydraulic oil is not well used, it can be conceivable that the distribution valve and hydraulic pump will be damaged. If the viscosity is too small, it will affect the lubrication of the mechanical parts and speed up the parts. The degree of wear and tear of the system increases, and the volumetric efficiency decreases. The viscosity is large, which increases the conveying resistance, which increases the viscous friction loss and causes cavitation or jamming. The hydraulic oil used in general hydraulic systems has a kinematic viscosity of l06m/s (50°C).

1. Good oxidation resistance: When the hydraulic breaker is working, as the oil temperature gradually rises, the hydraulic oil is more and more susceptible to oxidation and deterioration, especially at high temperatures, the oxidation rate is very fast, and the oil is oxidized, which will generate sludge deposits. , Pollution of the system, affecting the normal operation of the system.

2. Good anti-foam performance: If the hydraulic oil has foam, it will cause the hydraulic breaker to crawl and make noise.

3. Good lubrication performance: The matching clearance of the moving parts of hydraulic components is very small, generally from a few microns to about 100 microns. In order to improve the life of the components, it is required to form a high-strength oil film on the moving surface to form liquid lubrication and reduce wear. .

4. Freezing point: It is required that the freezing point of hydraulic oil should be 10℃ lower than the low ambient temperature, otherwise the viscosity of the oil will increase due to the low temperature, which will affect the start of the breaker, or even fail to work.

5. Good viscosity-temperature performance: viscosity-temperature property refers to the change of oil viscosity with the rise and fall of temperature, usually expressed by viscosity index (VI). The greater the viscosity index, the viscosity of the working oil will also change with temperature changes, and the leakage in the system will not be too large. When the hydraulic system is working, the oil temperature rises with the pressure loss. If the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is poor, the viscosity will decrease significantly, which will cause poor lubrication, increase leakage, and affect work; if it is started in winter, the viscosity will increase. The big impact starts.

Note that even hydraulic oils with the same viscosity label are very different. The working conditions of hydraulic breakers are generally harsh, so it is required that the range of viscosity changes be small within the range of operating temperature changes. During operation, the system oil temperature changes with the load and ambient temperature, so the viscosity index should be ≥90.

6. Good anti-rust performance: When the hydraulic breaker is stored for a long time, the hydraulic components are prone to rust, which requires the hydraulic oil to have good anti-rust performance.

7. Good anti-emulsification performance: If water is mixed in hydraulic oil, the substances with poor stability in hydraulic oil will generate hydrophilic organic acids and soaps, which are emulsified under the stirring of the pump to reduce lubricity and affect crushing. The working performance of the hammer.

8. It must have good compatibility: the oil should not have or play a chemical role with various materials, so as to avoid deterioration and failure.

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