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Do you know the working principle of hydraulic breaker?

Do you know the working principle of hydraulic breaker?


How is this excavator breaker designed?

   It is mainly divided into three parts: front cylinder (nitrogen chamber), middle cylinder (oil cylinder), and lower cylinder block. The three are connected by four through-body bolts. The upper cylinder is used to store low-pressure nitrogen. The middle cylinder contains pistons, accumulators, oil seals, gas exchange valves, etc., and the lower cylinder contains steel drills, flat pins, horizontal pins, inner and outer bushings, etc.

Working principle of breaker

   The hydraulic inlet kinetic energy + the upper accumulator kinetic energy pushes the cylinder rod upward to compress the nitrogen chamber. After pushing to the highest point, the reversing valve switches the direction. The hydraulic inlet kinetic energy + nitrogen compression kinetic energy pushes the cylinder rod down quickly to knock the chisel down to complete the crushing work.

Operation guide

  • Precautions

1.A debris shield device should be installed in front of the cab to prevent damage caused by flying debris during operation.

2.During the operation, all on-site personnel including the excavator driver must wear earplugs and masks.

3.The driver should sit on the seat to operate the breaker. Only when the excavator/loader and breaker are in normal condition can the breaker be broken.

4.If someone enters the dangerous area of the operation, the operation of the breaker should be stopped immediately; because compared to the excavation operation, the person is easily hit by the flying fragments during the operation of the breaker.

5.When working with a breaker, operating the excavator/loader should comply with the safety operation regulations of the excavator/loader manufacturer. Make sure to use a breaker that is well installed and properly debugged.

6.When performing maintenance and overhaul, ensure stable working conditions and lower working devices.

  • The right way to work

1) Appropriate breakdown force

  In order to effectively break, hydraulic breaker should use a suitable breakdown force. If the breakdown force is insufficient, the hammering energy of the piston will not be able to effectively crush the stone; in this way, the reaction force of the hammering force will be transmitted to hydraulic hammer breaker body, the boom of the excavator/loader, etc., thereby damaging these components.

  On the other hand, when the boom of the excavator/loader is lifted, if the breakdown force is too large and the crushing operation is carried out, the machine may suddenly tilt at the moment of crushing the stone. If the hammer is damaged, the vibration will also be transmitted to the crawler and wheels of the excavator when the strike operation is carried out under this condition. Avoid working under this condition.

Therefore, during the striking operation, always pay attention to the breakdown force of hydraulic hammer , and do not work when the breakdown force is not suitable.

2) Direction of breakdown

The direction of breakdown should be in line with the steel brazing. When the steel drill breaks the rock, the work should be carried out in a vertical direction. If the hammering direction is inclined, the steel drill may slip off during the hammering operation, causing the steel drill and the piston to break or jam. Therefore, when the crushing operation is performed, the breakdown point should be selected so that the hammering stability can be ensured during the steel drill hammering operation.

3) The engine should be warmed up for ten minutes before the crushing operation, especially in winter, which will help the operation to be smooth; visually check the oil pipes for oil leakage before crushing. The oil leakage should be dealt with in time and check whether the breaker oil seal is leaking. , The oil seal should be replaced in time for oil leakage, otherwise dust will enter the piston and wear the piston.

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