Do you know? The common malfunction analysis and maintenance knowledge of loader

by:HMB     2021-01-28
One, the loader walking a walking gear unable or not, the rest of the gear is normal. Judge points: don't walk or walking slowly, the main drive shaft rotation, quickly improve engine speed, the front and rear drive shaft and improvement of the main drive shaft rotation speed obviously out of proportion. Gap and gear shifting oil pressure is normal, hanging pressure decreased obviously after the block. The cause of the problem: 1. Bearing cover or nylon ring serious wear and tear. 2. Such as bearing cover or nylon ring or minor wear and tear, good, confirm the gear clutch inside and outside the bad sealing ring seal. Method: change the corresponding damaged parts bearing cover or nylon ring, sealing ring, inside and outside to adjust the shaft sleeve and bearing clearance. Second, automatic gap, hang into the forward gears can be run normally, hang back into the block machine stop, unable to walk. The working pressure are normal. Advance the cause of the problem: the clutch master and slave sintering lock; Forward clutch chandrasekhar lag, bearing check valve plug removal method: open forward of clutch, clean oil, replace the main, from the kinetic friction slices and related damage parts, clean each related parts, replace WaiFeng ring, cleaning dredge check valve, replace the clutch friction plate, both inside and outside sealing ring 3, the machine in the process of moving, hang after the second suddenly does not work, check the file and the working pressure are normal. The cause of the problem: the clutch shaft block fault elimination method: change the clutch shaft, the four reset bearing clearance, the machine the road suddenly not to go forward, not backward, variable speed work pressure is normal. The cause of the problem: 1. For variable speed distributing valve failure or ( 50华氏40度,50 d, f) Accumulator damage variable valve pneumatic valve rod stuck or damage to the 2. Into the oil removing all 3. Accumulator oil block 4. Pneumatic cut-off valve failure elimination method: cleaning shifting valve isolation valve stem or change the pneumatic valve open each related oil, pneumatic cut-off valve five of repair or replacement, the machine to work properly, all of a sudden not to lift, not walking, for elastic connection plate damage or connector wheel gear fault reason: broken elastic gusset, elastic connecting plate fixed bolt damage, join wheel tooth elimination method: change the elastic gusset, replacement wheel six connection, variable speed work pressure is normal, the machine operation meet the heavy load, the main shaft turn fast and powerful. And the machine can't work normally when spading homework and variable oil contained at the end of the gold in the cause of the problem: the high low speed control lever is not in the low speed position directional or variable valve not hang in place, 1:3 clutch damage, forward clutch damage elimination method: put the high speed rod on low speed position, readjust the bacteria; Replace the clutch friction plate and damage related parts
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