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DO YOU KNOW Quick hitch?

DO YOU KNOW Quick hitch?


  Quick hitch for excavators are also called quick-change hitch and Quick hitch. The quick hitch can quickly install and switch various configuration parts (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, which can expand the scope of use of the excavator, save time, and improve work efficiency. One machine is multi-purpose.

Features of excavator quick hitch:

1. Use high-strength materials; suitable for various models of 3-80 tons;

2. Use the safety device of hydraulic control check valve to ensure safety;

3. The configuration parts of the excavator can be replaced without modification and without disassembling the pin shaft, so the installation is quick and the work efficiency can be greatly improved.

4. There is no need to manually smash the bucket pin between the breaker and the bucket, and the switch can be exchanged between the bucket and the breaker by gently moving the switch for ten seconds, which saves time, effort, and simplicity.

5. It is mainly used in the workplace where the front-end working device of the excavator needs to be replaced frequently.

Of course, the quality of the connector is very important, and maintenance is also very important. After years of practical verification, I will provide you with the following suggestions. 

The types of quick hitch can be divided into the following categories?

1.Manual quick connector


The use of high-strength materials is safe, reliable, low-cost, and economical.


Suitable for various tooling on small 0.5-15T excavators, such as buckets, rippers, breakers, hydraulic shears, etc. After the front hook hooks the front bucket axle, the rear bucket axle needs to be fixed manually.

2.Hydraulic quick hitch coupler

Features:Using high-strength materials, hydraulic and electrical accessories such as oil pipes, solenoid valves, and power controllers need to be added to the oil cylinder control. The installation is more complicated and requires professional installation and debugging.


Suitable for various tooling on 12-100T excavators, such as buckets, rippers, breakers, hydraulic shears, etc. The driver controls the connector through an electronic switch in the cab.

 Inspection and maintenance

1. When operating the quick hitch, do not put your hands inside the machine, and do not touch the parts that can be turned with your hands, as it is easy to get injured. To

2. When disassembling and assembling the cylinder, be careful not to allow impurities and moisture to enter the cylinder. 

3. Before performing lubrication and maintenance, remove the dirt or magazines on the quick hitch. Perform maintenance after the quick hitch is used alternately five times. During maintenance, pour butter into each grease nipple 3 times. 4. In the process of transporting concrete, the cylinder shaft and cylinder rod are very easy to stick to the concrete, making the two stick together, so the concrete must be cleaned after the operation. 

Precautions for inspection and maintenance

1. Bolts: Check whether the bolts at the link between the assembly shaft and the grapple shaft are loose, and there is no gap between the steel plates at the joint. To

2. Cylinder: After every 120 hours of work, check whether the cylinder is damaged or leaks oil. 

3. Pipelines: Pipelines must be installed when installing Quick hitch on the excavator. After every 120 hours of work, the operator must check the pipeline for oil leakage and damage, as well as the connection. 

4. Tiger's mouth and grappling hook: After every 120 hours of work, check whether the parts connected to the bucket or excavator accessories are worn, deformed, and whether there are cracks. 

5. Check bolt caps: Check bolts and bolt caps every 120 hours of work to make them firm and not loose to prevent accidents. 

6. It is hoped to keep the cylinder rods free from impurities and damage. Failure to keep it will cause oil leakage in the cylinder.

What are the other benefits?

It can expand the scope of use of excavators a lot, save a certain amount of working time for manufacturers, and improve working efficiency. What are the other benefits?

1. Improve the production process, and the connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products. Also simplifies the mass production process.

2. Easy to repair. If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed.


3. It is easy to upgrade. With the advancement of technology, components can be updated when hitch are installed, and new and more complete components can be used to replace the old ones.

4. Improve design flexibility. The use of hitch enables engineers to have greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products and when composing systems with components.

   Quick hitch are "useful" in many occasions. They have been frequently used in the construction machinery industry and auto parts production lines, and have been well received by users. Different types of hitch can be used on equipment such as hydraulic pipes or excavators. Although they are unsightly, they can exert great power at critical moments.

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