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Do you know how to correctly operate and maintain a hydraulic breaker

Do you know how to correctly operate and maintain a hydraulic breaker


Do you know how to correctly operate and maintain a hydraulic breaker


The correct operation of the breaker will help to complete the crushing work efficiently, and improper operation will result in the failure of the hitting force to be 100%. In severe cases, the hitting force of the breaker will be back shocked to the body of the breaker and The operating arm of the excavator body, etc., caused damage to the above-listed parts.

       In addition, when the operating force is too large, the excavator will be crushed by the rocks, causing the excavator to tilt forward instantly, causing the body or guard plate of the breaker to violently hit the rocks and cause damage.

  1. Correct hitting direction and operating force.

When the operating force is too large, the excavator will be crushed by the rocks, causing the excavator to lean forward instantly, causing the body or guard plate of the breaking hammer to violently hit the rocks and cause damage.

When performing crushing work, first determine the hitting point, secondly ensure that the drill rod is stable, and finally ensure that the direction of the drill rod’s force is perpendicular to the surface of the hit object, and keep this direction as far as possible to hit; In an inclined state, the drill rod will slide away from the hit object, which will damage the drill rod and affect the piston. The operating direction of the breaker is shown in the figure


     2. When the oil pipe is found to be loose, stop the operation immediately.

When the hose of the crusher is excessively loose, please stop using it and inspect it immediately. At the same time, check whether there is any oil leakage in other places

3. No air strikes.

When the hit object is broken, immediately stop the hitting action. Continuous air hitting will cause the front body and the main body screws to loosen and damage, and even damage the excavator body. In addition to improper insertion, the use of the breaking hammer will also produce the above consequences.

      4. Do not use the drill rod

When the crushing operation is in progress, if you try to use the drill rod to continuously pry the stones, when the pry rod is used, both the main screw and the drill rod may be broken.



  5. Don't strike action continuously for more than one minute.

When hitting at the same position for more than one minute without breaking the hammer, please change the hitting point and strike again. The same striking point continues to strike for too long, which will cause excessive wear of the drill rod.

  6. Please select the appropriate engine speed when operating the breaker.

Just blindly increasing the engine speed to exceed the speed required for work does not increase the intensity of the blow. On the contrary, this will cause the temperature of the hydraulic oil to rise rapidly, resulting in poor lubrication and working capabilities, which will damage the hydraulic system.

  7. Do not carry out crushing operations in water or muddy places.

Except the drill rod, the other parts of the breaker should not be immersed in water or mud. Pistons and other parts will accumulate sludge as a result, causing the breaker to wear out prematurely.




8. Don't let the breaker hit the rock by falling quickly

When the breaker falls quickly and hits the hard rock surface, it will cause excessive impact damage to the breaker and the excavator body, causing damage to the parts.




9. Do not work when each cylinder of the excavator is fully extended or fully retracted.

When the excavator cylinder is fully extended or fully retracted, if the blow operation is performed, the blow vibration will return to the cylinder body, which will cause damage to the cylinder.



Suggestions on how to properly maintain hydraulic breakers

Since the breaker is an important accessory for the hydraulic hammer to break rocks, roads, etc., in order to make the breaker work better, longer and more efficiently, we should know how to properly maintain the broken dimension. The lack of maintenance will have a high probability For problems such as reduced work efficiency and shortened service life of the breaker, you can seek advice from our professionals. We are not only professional but also willing to serve you. Here are some tips we listed:

1 Regular inspection after use

After each use of the breaker, a corresponding inspection must be carried out to determine whether any parts have been damaged, so as to avoid causing greater losses. The inspection can always keep people vigilant.

2 Use matching component equipment

When using the breaker, be sure to measure the bushing, vertex angle and other angles to ensure the normal use of the breaker.

3 – Make sure you scan the hydraulic hose

You need to check hydraulic hoses to ensure that they are always wired correctly and choose the correct length, as this will reduce wear, tearing and downtime. If the hose is shorter than required, it may limit the extension of the accessories. If the hose is too long, they may fall off and spread debris. Therefore, please make sure your hose is working properly.

4. Lubricate the breaker

In order to use the breaker normally, it must be lubricated manually or with an automatic lubrication system every day. Make sure that the breaker is lubricated every day, then the hydraulic rock breaker is operating normally every day.

5 Correct tool points to use

Not all tool points are applicable, so in order to better maintain the breaker, please use the correct tool points with matching functions.

6 Have the right nitrogen pressure

The proper nitrogen pressure is affected by two factors, the application and the external operating temperature. Therefore, before setting the nitrogen pressure, be sure to check the nitrogen pressure required by the surrounding environment.


For more information, you can contact us, we have a professional team to provide you with services, we are happy to answer you.


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