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Do you know about hydraulic breakers?

Do you know about hydraulic breakers?


一、The definition of hydraulic breaker

The hydraulic breaker has become an important work tool for hydraulic excavators, and some people install the hydraulic breaker on the backhoe loader or wheel loader for demoliting rock operations. Hydraulic breaker, also called hydraulic breaker or hydraulic hammer, is also called hydraulic breaker hammer. It uses hydrostatic pressure as the power to drive the piston to reciprocate and hit hydraulic concrete breaker chisel at high speed during the stroke of the piston. The chisel crushes solids such as ore and concrete.

二、the selection of hydraulic hammer

1. Directly select hydraulic Jack hammers according to the model

2. According to the weight of the excavator, select and match excavator rock breaker.If the number in thehydraulic stone breaker model indicates the weight (whole weight) of the applicable excavator, it can be directly selected according to the excavator weight and excavator breaker hammer model.

3. Power matching of rock hydraulic breaker and excavator

The matching of the weight of the jcb hydraulic breaker and the excavator considers that the reaction force of the hmb hydraulic breaker should be balanced with the down force of the excavator. In addition to this consideration, the oil pressure and flow required by doosan hydraulic breaker should also be matched with the oil supply pressure and flow of the excavator. Fortunately, the flow and pressure of hydraulic pumps for excavators currently produced can meet the needs of hydraulic hammers. However, if it exceeds too much, it will be harmful to the hydraulic breaker hammer and the excavator, and it is necessary to adjust the pressure and select the appropriate flow rate. If the pressure and flow of the hydraulic pump are insufficient, the crushing capacity of the soosan hydraulic breaker is also insufficient, or even unable to work at all.

三、the matching considerations of the excavator breaker

  For the matching of excavator breaker and excavator, for excavator users, the main consideration is the matching of weight, and the matching of power should also be verified. For other load-bearing machinery, power matching and weight matching are equally important. It is also very reliable to choose breaker hammer hydraulic based on the experience of other users.

1. Consider the oil volume of the excavator

The breaker is a device that relies on the hydraulic pressure of the excavator to work, and the proper hydraulic pressure from the excavator can exert its best performance. Under normal circumstances, the flow rate of the crusher is 60-80% of the total flow rate of the adapted excavator.

2. Consider the lifting capacity of the excavator

The breaker is installed on the excavator,The equipment used, so the lifting capacity of the excavator should be able to bear the weight of the crusher. Otherwise, the excavator has the possibility of subversion, is unable to perform the job, and has potential safety hazards.

3. Consider the discharge pressure of the excavator

The maximum discharge pressure of the excavator is higher than the working pressure of the crusher, and the crusher can exert its best strength. Under normal circumstances, the common pressure of the excavator should be 30-40 bar higher than the working pressure of the crusher.

四、the maintenance of hydraulic breaker

  Since excavator jack hammer is used in dynamics, any movable connection part is easy to damage, as long as it is used and operated correctly, it can be avoided. The correct use is as follows:

1. Read the operating manual of the hydraulic breaker to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and digger, and operate them effectively.

2. Before operation, check whether the bolts and connectors are loose, and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline.

3. Do not peck holes in hard rocks with hydraulic hammer breakers.

4. Do not operate the crusher when the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or fully retracted.

5. When the hydraulic hose vibrates violently, stop the operation of the crusher and check the pressure of the accumulator.

6. Prevent interference between the boom of the excavator and the drill bit of excavator hammer.

7. Except for the chisel, do not immerse hydraulic rock breaker hammer in water.

8. Do not use concrete breaker hydraulic hammer as a lifting device.

9. When the box hydraulic hammer breaker is installed and connected with the backhoe loader or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and flow rate of the main hydraulic system must meet the technical parameter requirements of breaker hydraulic

10. The best hydraulic oil temperature when okada hydraulic breaker is working is 50-60 degrees, and the maximum should not exceed 80 degrees. Otherwise, the load of daemo hydraulic breakers should be reduced.

11. The working medium used by excavator rock breaker can usually be the same as the oil used in the main engine hydraulic system.

12. New and repaired hydraulic breakers must be refilled with nitrogen when they are started, and their pressure should be in accordance with the instructions.

13. When the hydraulic rock breaker is working, the drill rod must be pressed on the rock first, and excavator breaker must be operated after maintaining a certain pressure. It is not allowed to start in the suspended state.

14. It is not allowed to use the concrete breaker as a crowbar to avoid breaking the drill rod.

15. When in use, the hydraulic breaker and the fiber rod should be perpendicular to the working surface, in accordance with the principle of not generating radial force.

16. When the crushed object has cracked or started to produce cracks, the impact of the crusher should be stopped immediately to avoid harmful "empty hits".

17. If HMB hydraulic breaker is to be stopped for a long time, the nitrogen should be exhausted, and the oil inlet and outlet should be sealed. Do not store it under high temperature and below -20 degrees.


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